PaPeRo: cute robot assistant and companion from the NEC.

PaPeRoNEC Corporation of Japan is a huge conglomerate of companies with operations in diverse fields. And one such area is the area of robotics, where the company has been known since ancient times. Robot Assistant PaPeRo, for example, was developed and manufactured since 1997. At the “International Robot Exhibition 2009 the company NEC has provided an updated version of the robot PaPerRo R500.

PaPerRo R500 has a height 38 centimeters and weight of 6.5 kg. It can carry about 200 different operations, including support and talk with people. The new robot is equipped with face recognition and image, that allows him to “learn” up to 30 different people. In this case, the database contains a robot individual data for each person, so talk with each person will be different, given the nature and human interests.

Lithium-ion battery can provide up to 100 minutes running time of the robot. At the end of the battery robot automatically returns to the charging station and is in charge.

PaPeRo-1At this point in time the robot model PaPerRo R500 is available only to residents of Japan, and they can not buy, but to take this robot to rent that they will cost $ 600 a month. But despite this, a high price, the demand for rental of these robots is quite high.

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