Radius’ robotic entertainment

QACTU_VIDEO_PREVIEWEveryone knows Aibo, although few copies of this amazing animal has been purchased in Europe. For a few thousand euros, the robot designed by Sony mimics the behavior of a small dog which he reproduced the brisk walking and attitudes. He knows how to play with a bone, a dance, respond to your caresses, recognize your voice and even go to recharge electric power alone.

The France is very interested in the phenomenon of robot toys. The Robotics Laboratory of Versailles (CNRS) works to improve movement of Aibo and other researchers across Europe. Together, they organize an annual football tournament in which players are automated dogs to test their innovations!

In the field of robotics for everyday use, the European leader is Montpellier, Wany Robotics. Its flagship toy is shaped like a little Martian who escaped across the room when it is lit by sneaking in open spaces. The children run after him won as soon as they touch the head. For its development, Wang Robotics has opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong, where are most toy manufacturers.