RIBA – in the regiment of medical robots completion!

RIBA - in the regiment of medical robots completion!Japanese scientists have once again reaffirmed their commitment to the creation of robot helpers to man. Last novelty, a robot to assist in carrying patients. Resembles a good-natured bear nurse, or maybe a nurse, weighs 180 kg and can carry patients weighing up to 61 kilograms.

Specialists of the Japanese Institute of Physical and Chemical Research have developed a helper function which is not limited to moving the animate objects. Robot is able to help the patient get up, support him when walking, or simply move. Bear-machine is equipped with multiple tactile sensors that can react optimally to the weight of the patient and his situation.

For greater security robot has special, pleasant to the touch penouritanovoe coverage. In addition, soft “skin” of the device provides extra comfort for the patient during exposure.

The good-natured teddy bear artificial medical staff is able to recognize faces, respond to voice commands and orientation in space, identifying and classifying objects in the room. Nearly silent engines and circulation system allows the robot to maneuver in the limited space of hospital corridors.

Japanese scientists do not accidentally so hard to develop robotic helpers, especially all the medical and social spheres. Total aging population of the Rising Sun makes them think about who will help a person in the near future. The good-natured teddy bear of medical purpose – another step towards achieving this goal.