Solar Robotics

robotOur administrator present a range of materials that can be incorporated in the creation of educational robots, in the last LEGO catalog, presents a solar panel is complemented by the NXT Intelligent Brick, denominate “extra set of renewable energy,” an updated version of the solar panels contained in the September Elab. This additional set for 9686 allows students to learn all about renewable energy. The group provides a range of factors such as the LEGO power meter, a solar panel blades, a motor / generator and LED lights extension cable. Includes building instructions for six full color LEGO models. Combine with the package of activity to perform 2009688 six lessons and four problem-solving activities. It also works with MIND STORMS Education, see 9797.

  • Build and explore renewable energy through authentic LEGO models
  • Explore energy supply, transfer, accumulation, conversion and consumption
  • Involve students in engineering and design.

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