A robot microscope imaging

A robot microscope imagingIn the medical field, robotics can mechanize vision tasks in environments difficult to access. The project MICRON has created a system of manipulation and observation electronic robotic miniature to see and manipulate objects with nanometer ready, such as biological cells.

The robot’s camera imaging microscope consists of a CCD chip¬† attached to the robot’s body and located in a miniature lens to turn it into a microscope that magnifies 5. The robot can move forward or turn on itself. The optical lens reacts with the movement of the shaft, which allows you to zoom in or zoom out in order to observe a field of view 1mm ¬≤ and in any direction. Cells can be observed directly in the organs, thus competing with the microscope heavy.

The project team MICRON search to collaborate with other areas of research in the miniaturization of medical imaging tools (but also other areas of miniaturization), in the micro- robot mobile in nanotechnology.

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