Geminoid-F – the girl-robot with human facial expressions

girl-robot with human facial expressionsJapanese Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and Robotics (Hiroshi Ishiguro) first became known to the public through the creation of his “twin”, the robot Geminoid HI-1. Remote-controlled, he was able to convey basic emotions of its operator and transmit his voice with built-in speakers. The main purpose of this robot was to study the various psychological aspects of the interaction of robots and humans.

But recently, the company Kokoro Co. Ltd. together with Hiroshi Ishiguro presented in Osaka (Japan), a new model – robot Geminoid-F, whose mission – as realistically as possible to transmit all the complexity of human facial expressions. This rubber covers “persons» Geminoid-F is equipped with an impressive array of systems to ensure her maximum flexibility. According to the author, his robot are available, such fine details of facial expressions that are impossible for any other robot.

Creators of robot Geminoid-F, compared with its original version, went to considerable simplification of its design. This is first of all, make the project cheaper, and now its value is about 110 thousand dollars, and secondly, reducing the use of large air compressor and junction boxes, which were previously located next to the robot. But despite this, thanks to employees of the company Kokoro Co. Ltd., Having rich experience in the animate of robots, for example, Acaroids and HRP-4C AIST (see note Robot HRP-4C – a model on the catwalk), Has been realism, surpassing even the facial expressions of the robotic head of Albert Einstein, made by Hanson Robotics. (See note Robot Einstein in the service of science).

Robot Geminoid-F has been used in hospitals, patients are assured developers that the presence of smiling and attentive robot nurses (unfortunately, the design did not allow him to own up and walk) is very positive impact on their mood. As additional areas of use, the robot can act as a registrar in the hotels, guides in museums and other public places associated with intercourse.

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