My surgeon is a robot

QACTU_IMG_PREVIEWOn September 7, 2001, a woman who was in Strasbourg has been made by a doctor who happened to him … the United States! This world premiere was performed by a French Professor Jacques Marescaux, head of Digestive and Endocrine Surgery University Hospital of Strasbourg and founder of the European Institute of telesurgery.
The feat would not have been possible without Zeus, a robot of the Californian company Computer Motion which several copies have been sold worldwide. His multiple arms hold surgical instruments and devices vision that the physician manipulated remotely. Usually, the practitioner is a few yards away, comfortably installed in its cockpit. In the case of the woman in Strasbourg, he stood at 6 200 miles away!

Why go through a robot? Because his action achieves an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter millimeter cons to humans. And it offers the physician a comfortable position, rather than being bent over the patient for hours. Tomorrow, some imagine that teams of elite surgeons, based for example in Paris, will work for all patients in the Hexagon, they may well “teleoperated” during delicate operations.

In France, projects in the field of robotic medicine abound. Include the margin of the CNRS project, which aims to improve the movement of “trocar” – micro-surgical instruments – worn by robots like Zeus. More dramatically, the project Gabie was designed to repair the mitral valve of the heart. This valve capital, which regulates blood flow between the atrium and ventricle, may have torn. With his guidance system real time, the robotic system will seize it while the heart, which has not been arrested, still beating, and it is animated movements!