Robot Hanako can pull teeth

Robot Hanako can pull teethWe already wrote about a Japanese robot, which created as a simulator for training medical staff to treat patients infected with swine flu. At this time, three Japanese university (Waseda, Kogakuin and Showa), together with the company Tmsuk have developed a robot for training dentists.

Apply to the dentist – not a pleasant procedure. From the professionalism of the dentist depends not only on the quantity and quality of pain patient, but also how often a person will need to go and see a dental office in the future. How many operations in the oral cavity of living people should be the dentist to become a professional? And if it is only about health students? Then do not look much as it does a professor and consultant until he had a taste of drill work, nothing will.

Robot Hanako (Hanako) is ideally suited for this procedure. His height is 157 centimeters – as the average Japanese. The body of the robot nine mobile mechanical joints, which allow to simulate human movement, located in a dental chair. Moreover, moving from Hanako jaw, tongue and even the eyelids. All mouth robot literally dotted sensitive sensors. Whenever a student commits some mistake during the “control” treatment Zudov, the robot expresses his displeasure by simulating the reaction of a living person on the pain and discomfort. For example, rolling his eyes. Robot Honako can gradually compress the jaw, as does the man who was tired for a long time to sit with your mouth open. In the mouth at the same time formed a sort of saliva.

Robot Hanako has been successfully practice as a physician trainer of future dentists. Only in March 2010 it was used for training and test about 90 students of Japanese medical students.

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