South Korea will be the centerpiece of medical robots, “Journal of Medical Robotics” launched

robotMedical robotic technology is ahead of the United States, Japan and Switzerland, also for purchasing parts are used. Although we may be forced to import, parts and materials will be resolved over time. Importantly, ‘ideas’ believes that. Now a robot for medical professionals working with the Institute’s domestic robot was fully prepared to meet.

Medical Robotics teams from the old country was a bunch, they had never exercised the power of the integrated. Their own centers, research institutes and companies to do their own was only in the name of then my two ISCAS (International Society for Computer Aided Surgery) has been named executive director of the Society, the Society has nearly 12 years of history in the many local health care professionals participating in the robot, and confirmed the announcement, together with research activities in Korea of, and Cooperation was also established to want to create chapters.

Medical Robotics and active in the field of medical robotics in the country for medical research or through her activities, and medical researchers, and industry officials is a compilation of the mean.

All these together mean one of two medical robot that can grow to global scale are committed to do our best. Was not an existing health care professionals, robot experts gather together those levels would not be easy to sell this, of course eotteohaetna established. Society’s need for a medical robot in early 2007 there have been stories, September 2008 Proceedings of 1st anniversary, was 10.

As mentioned earlier, interest from overseas and who had announced on the same topic because those guys’ Association could have used the same in Korea … the idea have, even medical researchers robot Robotics robots companies and concern about the high status because it is the .

In addition to the domestic market, a well-known medical robots are high value added such as da Vinci and robodak recognized that the future of their industry in the future and preserving the health care Robot’s Society was very active in the establishment and activities.

The inaugural meeting last September 6 in the medical, and biomedical engineering and robotics, industrial associates attended by 150 people, she said. In some areas the nopatna attendance. They attended most of the experts were at universities and research institutes, doctors and corporate representatives were followed. Robot-related companies to attend the highly exhibited. But the economy and attracts more than 150 people attended a hoechigoneun was successfully evaluate.

When the first of about 30 people gathered gihoekhal still thought to start with their lives, participation was surprised to see the results. Come from the country for medical robots were able to identify high-interest. Korea the next generation of medical robots, if not growth will certainly look to occupy an important position.

Medical robot that specializes in international conference got together. Many. ISCAS typically are active internationally and in the region uiryorobothakhoein ACCAS (Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery) is.

Regarding the place where the two robots, the most that could be said to scale.

In a first for South Koreans to attend ISCAS, ACAS became the founding members of our medical robot technology in Japan and other developed countries are the 80% level.

This is higher than South Korea’s robot technology itself is rarity, medical robots with the ability to be a doctor’s surgery because it is a new concept. So, doctors and technicians working in a well-side robot can develop quickly.

Asian Institute of Medical Robotics and led the country. Japan has been primarily driven. Robotics industry itself is strong, so it is with medical robots. Medical robots in Japan are developing their own. But they, too, remains unused in clinical.

Medical Robotics and having an interest in developing a robot that not many companies have difficulty to sell this, what about. Even though many companies seconds 2008 love call was not sent, then hiding from the economic crisis, fell.

South Korea does not benefit the companies that do not. Including high-tech medical devices ‘advanced’ word, you need the investment, we feel that the lack of mind. In Japan, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and large companies to develop medical robots have full support.

Triton project, even if such funding is used 10 times in Korea, seolgyeman fully in the company comes to creating the type of peulroto. This is why Japan is leading. Corporate profits in Japan right now is not the ‘world first’ technology has to be sufficiently secure means are reported.

Institute of Robotics and companies have to be with you through the process with which you can do. Institute of Medical Robots for a membership application, and then you can join the conference is.

Member, Associate separated, and anyone with medical robots can act gwansimman.

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