The robot is able to give birth

robot5Students of the Medical Center of the University of Arizona (United States) have a unique opportunity to observe the birth of a child at any time – regardless of whether someone is going to give birth soon to a local hospital or not. In a university laboratory Medical Center, according to the curriculum gives birth to a robot Noelle. Her (It’s a robot woman! “), Together with the baby Hal, who is born, created a research center Guarnard (Miami, USA) specifically” to provide quality educational process. ” In this future gynecologists can not only see how the baby is born, but also to get acquainted with all the “okolorodovymi” physicians nuances.

Robot Noelle during childbirth behaves poorly, and sometimes aggressively, as well as some representatives of the human race. The robot can moan, scream and curse at the doctor. Present on the purely physiological urination and blood. Medical Center paid for this mechanical woman $ 40000, and there do not consider this amount wasted. Future gynecologists in the laboratory to know that they will practice in the maternity ward.

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