NASA is testing robots for use in space

NASA is testing robots for use in spaceNASA engineers have developed a robot able to navigate in space and maneuver on the ground. Their trials were held in Moses Lake, Washington. There have been several tests 12-wheeled automated transport and six-legged rover that can carry massive loads. Also, tests were carried out drilling and mapping robot. According to the trial committee, these devices would greatly assist in future space exploration activities of other planets.

On board the Rovio is available microphone, webcam with IR light (for shooting in the dark) and Wife-interface. Can execute commands sent from the local computer, mobile phone, as well as with remote devices via the Internet, send pictures and sound in real time. Route patrols rooms can be programmed. In general, the problem is simple – went on vacation and always know what is happening in native walls. Compared with Rebound from the same developer, this model is more useful and I think, will find its buyer.

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