Japan: robots, artificial animals and anime-Stars

In hardly any other country in the world there is such a great enthusiasm for high-tech, robotics and artificial worlds, as in Japan. Various museums reflect this vehement wider interest and provide visitors with an impressive and comprehensive insight into the future, the already long since begun. Since October 2006 astounded the robot museum in Nagoya visitors with cutting-edge exhibits. At present, is in conjunction with the exhibition “Think Robo” the development of the robot from the beginning of the 20th Century until now at the centre. The special interest is the “humanoid” robots “Wabot” from the’70s on “ASIMO” from the House of Honda, whose course is similar to that of the people, to the household robot Wakamaru. Continue reading

A robot to test techniques swimming animals

Robot MadeleineTo compare the energy costs of different techniques animal swims, American engineers have developed a robot swimmer style turtle Wednesday. This robot swimmer was named Madeleine by its designers of Vassar College in New York. Its shape and its measurements are comparable to those of a sea turtle It measures 80 cm long and 30 cm wide and weighs 24 kg. Thanks to him, U.S. scientists have studied the energy cost of different techniques of swimming. Madeleine is equipped with four fins, which can be activated independently. The researchers were able to compare the modes of propulsion involving two or four fins. Conclusion: with four fins active, acceleration and braking are better. Continue reading