Asimo will read your mind

Honda is developing the future of robots revolution that will make them closer to us, the more skillful to communicate with us. Researchers have developed an interface that allows the individual to control simply Asimo just by thinking. The system, developed by Honda and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, uses an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to measure brain signals of the individual, then send them to Asimo that treats.

For example, the researcher pointed a finger of honor Asimo, then drew a V in space with his finger. Seconds later, Asimo has imitated. This system, widely discussed in Asimov’s work for other reasons (second foundation) could shortly becoming more complex, and thus enable the robot to analyze the lesser impact brain and why not send a discussion spaced between two parties for hundreds of miles of one

We are facing a major innovation in domestic robotics!


11 to 13 held at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, robot-themed exhibition of “ROBO_JAPAN 2008”. The exhibition and demonstration booths, the event was held on stage, 11-12 on Sunday is the highest peak of the fighting robots in “14th ROBO-ONE” is being held in three days 55,696 mobilized.

The ROBO-ONE 14 times, especially in the final 12 days, because of the long weekend that China and Japan, ROBO-ONE ring around the stage is a great crowd. Journalist with more than 180cm in height, not high and that we were shooting with a camera and GENAI.

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Honda’s ASIMO, the emergence of giant New Year parade in the U.S. …

Honda in January 2009 an American being held in Los Angeles Sunday morning from the “Rose Parade”, a giant said it’s ASIMO participate.

ROZUPAREDO at the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena, one of the typical New Year’s events in the United States. The 2009 has a long history of 120 years. The parade of “floating” appearance. And the float is a large truck, like the floats of the festival in Japan. 2009 float of the humanoid robots, Honda’s ASIMO, the motif.
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ASIMO comparable Advanced motor control

Gifu College is one of the first round, started in surprise. Gifu College of ASIMO is a robot created as a reference, not the opponent, it’s ASIMO is the expansion of the confrontation. The events of the audience was delighted surprise.
So I ask about ASIMO, “ASIMO has consciousness, rather it looks. And the sight of walking tall and has imitated, our technology is the original TE. Of course, you can play together I sincerely delighted or the “People’s College is a very telling and Gifu. Comments like that filled with confidence, the performance of the competition was great ASIMO comparable.

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University for the robot Asimo University of Bielefeld in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, opens tomorrow Institute cognition and robotics (CoR-Lab). The institute will carry out its research activities in the field of cognition and intelligent robots “, a scientific field in which groups of interdisciplinary research at the University of Bielefeld are distinguished, nationally as internationally. This year, the university will particularly benefit from its good relations with the Honda group.

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ASIMO – Honda’s latest generation of humanoid robot

ASIMOThe latest generation of Honda’s robot ASIMO humanoid gave Barcelona its European debut. Honda hopes that he could one day be so advanced that it is a real human assistance. The new ASIMO embodies several significant technological improvements over its predecessors, including a new, schnittigeres design, yet more fluid and quick movements and the ability of almost 6 km / h to run. The agile ASIMO has many other new capabilities in terms of its mobility and intelligence. Continue reading

Honda introduced the robot ASIMO 2

Honda Motor introduced the new version of Asimo, the humanoid robot. It may take the role of receptionist, bartender or companion. A man … uh robot to do everything.ImageHonda Motor, the third Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, had submitted its humanoid robot Asimo, at the Universal Exposition Aichi in Japan, an exhibition which ended on September 25 last.

Its mascot, high of just 130 cm and weighing just 54 kilos, was object of curiosity to the public. The robot then took care of administrative tasks, welcoming visitors, but also serve cocktails. Continue reading

Robots’ Asimo ‘proved to be a referee Human robots’ Asimo ‘has learned a new trick: He can be equipped with a sophisticated hearing the exclamations of three people at a time. This is possible thanks to an order of eight microphones and a new Japanese scientists developed software.
Initially Asimo it simply acts as an arbitrator playing rock paper scissors. The ‘HARK’ referred to in the future software will also be able to cope with complex sentences, reports the trade magazine New Scientist. Eight microphones on the face and body of the robot provide input for HARK. The software analyzes the images to determine where a voice comes and separates them from other noise sources and the other speakers. Then HARK examine whether the individual votes really well insulated, before the data to a speech recognition software forwarded. This is the HARK system on the possibilities of the human hearing, said the researchers. “There can be several things simultaneously and not just listen to a single source of noise in focus,” says co-HARK Hiroshi Okuno of the Kyoto University. Continue reading

Asimo robot is really human humanoid robot Asimo from Honda now works independently and operates independently with its environment.
The new technology developed by Honda puts the robot now in the situation in an environment with other people and Asimo robots to interact. Asimo has learned and is now in a position to be harmonious. The robot can now dodge oncoming people. It covers the persons eyes with his camera, calculates its direction of motion and speed, calculated their expected movements and then selects independently the fairest way to the person not to hinder. Is not enough space occurs Asimo back and lets the people the priority. Even in the everyday work of a human being, the small robots now perform tasks such as wearing a trays and pushing a wagon. Another feature is that when Asimo below a certain battery now stand independently its battery charges. The comprehensive system allows that several Asimo robot work together for editing. Continue reading

“Asimo – Artificial intelligence for the everyday

asimo.gifAsimo.gifIm year 2050 should be human-robot on two legs after the official FIFA rules against the then incumbent, human soccer World Cup play – and win. The experts have at least the robot development at the flags. At the University of Bielefeld was recently the new Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics (Cur-Lab) cor-lab. into operation. In addition, a research cooperation between the University and the Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH honda-ri signed, the university and basic industrial research unite. The robots will be with cognitive and social skills, and to assistants for the everyday man. Star guest at the opening was Asimo, a robot from Honda menschenahnlicher. About 20 years after the presentation of the first Asimo model presents the latest generation significantly developed. “In the racing circuit, the hand shake and push a cart include the wearing of tablets to his new repertoire,” reported the Berliner Zeitung. Using an infrared transmitter Asimo can now even have a ball and recognize wegkicken. Continue reading