Quadruped robot LittleDog improves the skills

littledog_robotWhile Big Dog runs field trials (see note “Carrying loads on the four-legged walking robots”), His little brother – Little Dog – improving their skills in the laboratory. Both the robot was developed by Boston Dynamics, working on order of U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA) and was originally intended for use by the military. Continue reading

Carrying loads on the four-legged walking robots

Carrying loads on the four-legged walking robotsThe company Boston Dynamics is widely known in the robotics market due to its successful invention – enduring four-legged Big Dog. This robot is the size of a large dog to become a good help the soldiers, Marines – it can be controlled, he should go where to the right, and thus carries a payload of up to 136 kg over a distance of 20 km at 6 km / h. Continue reading

The company Boston Dynamics publishes new videos of improved models of robots and Petman BigDog.

BostonThe company Boston Dynamics, specializing in the development of bipedal and quadruped robots, mainly for military use, published in the new service You Tube videos demonstrating the potential of new models walking robots Pitman and Big Dog which we have been told before. Continue reading

BigDog, the quadrupedal robot is tested in Afghanistan

robot1He knows almost everything. Walk on the roughest terrain, climb hills of 35 ° tilt, carrying the 140 pounds of equipment in snow or mud. It even happens to restore equilibrium (see video) when he slipped on a patch of ice. BigDog is the “quadruped robot the world’s most advanced”, Continue reading