Cycler The Robot

jugo-para-dolor-cabezaCycler runs his own inbuilt personality program which makes him look around, move his head and arms, move and illuminate his eyes in various sequences and generally look alive. This personality program enables his handler to have both hands free and in view.Cycler has five microcontrollers for his brain, six electric motors, an MP3 sound file player and an amplifier and speakers which allow him to talk to an audience of around 200 children at a time. Cycler’s lips illuminate in synchronism with the speaking and singing voice which is stored on an MP3 player. Continue reading

A robot with a living brain

A robot that is controlled himself with his own brain composed of biological neurons in culture was manufactured by British scientists.The robot works with neurons in rats. University of Reading
This is probably the first hybrid machine / animal ever created. Gordon is “alive” since a big week in a laboratory at the University of Reading, England. His brain is composed of neurons from a fetal rat. They were placed in a solution, separated and then deposited on a bed of sixty electrodes.

This multi-electrode array (MTCT) is the interface between living tissue and machine. It allows the brain to send electrical impulses to lead the wheels, for example. And conversely, it receives information on its environment delivered by sensors.

The key here is to assess the learning capabilities of this robot with a living brain. Gordon already seems to learn by repetition. For example, when it hits a wall, brain stimulation and receives a habit he learned to work around the obstacle. The key to learning is the memory that occurs in neurons that have begun to forge connections and multiply in the brain. Continue reading

Sony returns his jacket and gives the brain of the robot in science October, Sony accused of hacking those programs changed its Aibo robot dog. Today, the Japanese giant announced it will enter the public domain software who run the head of its creature. The Japanese group has made a big decision about his famous cyber pet, Aibo: June 3 next year, it will publish on its website details of the software Open-R, which allows you to program the robot’s behavior. Continue reading

A robot that operates with a brain composed of neurons in rat

Robot Cerveau Neurones Rat #1A robot operating with a small brain composed of living rat neurons able to ‘learn’ behavior as avoiding a wall, was developed at the University of Reading (England) by followers of Frankenstein.
“We have already given him a certain learning by repetition, since it reproduces certain actions”, told AFP the head of the multidisciplinary team, Kevin Warwick. “But now we want him to learn behavior,” he said.
The brain’s biological robot, named Gordon, was created from neurons taken from a rat. They were placed in a solution, separated and then placed on a bed of sixty electrodes. Continue reading

Honda connects the brain to robot

The Japanese Honda, in particular specialized in industrial robots, has demonstrated the use of a scanner for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI or magnetic resonance imaging) that detects brain signals and transmit them to a robot in order to drive Hand artificially. Lorsque the person in the MRI has waved his hand and made the sign ‘V’, the robot’s hand movements has reproduced! The system is still limited to the detection of a few simple gestures, and it will take time before being decoded complex movements. Similarly, we have to evolve singularly PMI technologies to reduce the size and weight. However, the “brain machine interface ‘, the interface between the human brain and machine, developed by Honda Research Institute Japan, opens up new perspectives. Continue reading