A robot in the hospital

1094463055_0Rudy is the new employee Davis Medical Center, University of California. It measures 1.68 meters, weighs 90 kilos and is a robot. Its main function is to allow doctors to interact with post-operative patients without being present. The body of this ‘Robodoc’ consists of a camera, a television screen and microphone. Thanks to its structure, the physicians, patients and family members can see and hold a conversation.

Besides, Rudy is able to zoom in to the camera lens “to provide an overview of vital signs and quirugica incision,” says an article in ‘The British Medical Journal. The machine runs through the hospital’s wireless network for management and the doctor needs a computer, a camcorder can record sound and a joystick. With these elements and the Rudy’s own, the robot can be operated even from outside the hospital.

Currently, the model is being tested by various hospitals in the U.S. and one of the issues that will need to clarify, within this period, is whether patients prefer seeing their own doctor, even through the robot, rather than seeing a specialist who does not know. The main objective of these tests, according to British publication collects, passes measure symptoms of post-operative patients when they are controlled vary from traditional visits or when they receive ‘televisiting’.