Medical robots explore blood vessels

medical robotsBristol – A U-boat, equipped with a camera and sensors rushes through the bloodstream. Tiny should be to penetrate even the most remote branches of the cardiovascular system. For this idea of intelligent medical robots, the bioengineers inspire the world for years. They hope so, the imaging methods in medicine a step further advance. Continue reading

Recent advances in medical robotics: Projects MARGIN, GABIE and IRAS

pa10_reduitResearch in medical robotics have intensified in recent years, supported by several national incentives (Robea program, ACI and RNTS * *) and European. The areas most promising short-term tele-ultrasound robot (OTELO projects [1] and B [2]), and interventional radiology (IRAS project [3] Robea). In the longer term, the minimally invasive endoscopically should benefit from the most recent advances in robotics in terms of perception, decision and action. Continue reading