Lights, camera, action, started! Obsolete industrial robots have a new profession.

industrial robotsCamera work in film is one of the most complex works, the choice of the correct position to take, smoothness and accuracy of camera movements, and much, much more significant effect on the quality of filmed footage. Continue reading

For the first time have surgery on the heart using a radio-controlled robot.

Robot BallPUsing remote-controlled robots that perform complex surgical operations has some advantages, as well as for doctors and patients. This allows doctors to avoid physical exertion, fatigue and a more lengthy and complex operations. Continue reading

The company Boston Dynamics publishes new videos of improved models of robots and Petman BigDog.

BostonThe company Boston Dynamics, specializing in the development of bipedal and quadruped robots, mainly for military use, published in the new service You Tube videos demonstrating the potential of new models walking robots Pitman and Big Dog which we have been told before. Continue reading

Chocolate robots competed for the fourth time

robot_chocoJapan’s largest producer of chocolate company TIROL-CHOCO conducted the fourth annual competition of robots. The competitions were held in the office in Tokyo on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which seems quite remarkable, since chocolate is in Japan one of the most popular gifts on the day lyublennyh. Continue reading

Monitor monitors monitors facilitate robot Anybots

robot6Robots U.S. company Anybots designed to “intercontinental” communication. They allow you to hold teleconferences with maximum effect. Doctor in his office with the help of a robot Anybots can observe the multiple operations. Head design company in the office can easily visually coordinate the work simultaneously on several projects. Continue reading

Robot already have than to digest and there than to chew


Originally, the custom, that a robot – it is an imitation of man. What really
surprised when scientists using robotic devices are trying to imitate human
organs. This is not about prostheses, namely the simulation of human organs for
medical research. Recent advances in this field – robotic jaw and … stomach

Preoccupied by the creation of a robot-gastric scientists of the Institute of
Food Research in Norwich. On the creation of a dynamic robot models of human
gastric they took about 10 years. The artificial stomach to help researchers
study the process of human digestion. In robotic stomach will be tested and new

Earlier in the summer of last year the public was provided with the development
of scientists from
University of Bristol. They managed to create a robotic model of human
masticatory apparatus. At the heart device is a three-dimensional model of the
oral cavity, equipped with mechanisms to six linear drives and imitators teeth.
The device accurately reproduces the human jaw movement and because of their

With these robotic jaws planned to experiment with new materials for the
dentist. Dentists calculated using robotic models of the jaws to stimulate
research in their field and, ultimately, make treatment of dental diseases more

So that progress in gradual robotic human organs can not be doubted. Robota has
got something to eat and even what there is to digest …


Tin Can Robot

can robortThis interesting kit allows a robot with a can of soda.

The robot is very simple, a motor, a pair of wheels … but very curious.

Of course for the price (about 10 euros) is a good gift for someone who likes robotics.

Once assembled, with a battery and a can of soda that are not included in the kit will move forward and spin like crazy.

The Leonardo da Vinci robot

Leonardo-RobotIn 1950 they found some notes from Leonardo Da Vinci on the construction of a robot very similar to what we now know by robot. The notes are dated in 1495 and since then you can see in advance what was Leonardo Da Vinci of his time.

The robot consists of a truss Germany and Italy and an internal mechanism with which it is assumed that performing human-like movements.