Lynx 5 Robotic Arm Combo Kit for PC

Lynx 5 Robotic ArmAbout the Robot Arm

The Lynx 5 robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. The robot features base rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motion, and a functional gripper. The Lynx 5 robotic arm is an affordable system with a time tested rock solid design that will last and last. Everything needed to assemble the robot is included in the kit, however additional electronics are required to make the arm move. We have several solutions to choose from. Continue reading

Robby by Oualid Burström

imagesRobot arm commanded by a microcomputer. 
The processor used is a onechip processor from Intel (80c196KB).
12 MHz, 32K RAM, 16K ROM.I use an IBM PC compatible computer to send command sequences via the serial port (LPT1) 
to the 80c196KB.The 80c196KB transformes the command sequences to pulses which make the robot to move.
The PC program is a simulator. You can make a simulation and see how the robot will move.
The program language I used to program the 80c196KB and the PC was C.
I used Playwood and aluminium to build the robot.
The robot is commanded by four R/C servos (HITEC HS-300). 

- A robot-arm commanded by a microcomputer.
- The microcomputer: 16Kb ROM, 32Kb RAM, 12MHz.
- The microprocessor in the microcomputer is a onechip processor made by Intel, 80C196KB. 
- A program in a compatible IBM PC simulates the robot-arm's movement. 
- The command-sequences are then sended to the micorcomputer via COM port. 
- The microcomputer translates the commands and makes the robot to move. 
- The robot: Is a four axes robot and has four R/C servos (HITEC HS300). 
- One for the base, one for the choulder, one for elbow and 
  one for the gripper. 
- Materials used to build the robot are Playwood and Aluminium.
Hardware required for the PC's program :
- A PC based on Intel 80386 or highter.
- SVGA graphic for GUI.
- MS_DOS as OP.
- Communication port (COM1 or COM2) for sending/taking data 
  to/from the robot.

SCARA by Arnd Kobus

060419_scara_lgThe experimental SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) Robot ressemblesan industrial robot, but is a lot smaller and less precise. The mechanics consist of one linear and three rotational axes, with the rotational axes oriented vertically,so that gravitation has no effect on these axes. The working space is 410mm indiameter and 128mm high, with an position accuracy of 0.5mm. Continue reading