Rodem, vehicle-person intelligent robotics

rodem-vehicule-unipersonnel-intelligent-robotique-01.thumbnailThe team of researchers in robot technology Veda Center and the firm specializes Nippon Tmsuk have submitted a vehicle for intelligent handicapped-person, a concept that seeks to reverse a wheelchair and solves many problems. This device, which resembles a sort of futuristic scooter shortened, allowing a disabled person to climb over the back, by dragging on the seat height adjustable. The plate then his chest against a retaining plate, docks with a handlebar and can lead, via a joystick side, this means of locomotion power.

Establishment of the Robot Business Promotion Council

The infrastructure improvement and market creation for the creation of industrial robots, efforts are required, as a practical move, “Robot Business Promotion Council” for the establishment of to introduce initiatives.This council, this year was reported to the Ministry of Economy, “Policy Research Robots” by the proposals, which were carried to establish cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Economy, the Council for the establishment of broad industry groups are seeking participants from research organizations. Continue reading