Sony returns his jacket and gives the brain of the robot in science October, Sony accused of hacking those programs changed its Aibo robot dog. Today, the Japanese giant announced it will enter the public domain software who run the head of its creature. The Japanese group has made a big decision about his famous cyber pet, Aibo: June 3 next year, it will publish on its website details of the software Open-R, which allows you to program the robot’s behavior. Continue reading

Sony draws a line under Aibo robotic

chien Aibo Sony has announced the cessation of production of Aibo, the famous robot dog that can monitor your home when you’re not here to speak with a vocabulary of more than 1000 words and even, for latest developments, keep a blog! Launched in 1999, the Aibo adventure stops, lack of profitability, such as Qrio, the humanoid robot from Sony, which has never been marketed. Despite some 150 000 copies sold (unit price: about 2000 dollars), the pack of robots Aibo is not consistent enough to justify the cost it involves developments, especially on the segment of the general public robotics The competition – including American – prepares its weapons. Continue reading