Spykee, another robot that monitors the home

TANSrobo231I’ve had the opportunity to speak to ConnectR, the new iRobot robot that sees and feels everything. But it seems that this android shaped vacuum already has his opponent in the world of spies and investigations. His name is Spykee and was shown at the Digital Life show a New York also has been born not to follow in the footsteps of the inhabitants of the apartment but to control everything and every aspect of the home are as they should. Continue reading

Robot Spykee Cell commissioned

Robot Spykee Cell commandé par Bluetooth de Meccano

The Spykee Cell is another robot to climb you own Meccano. It is controlled remotely via Bluetooth (from a mobile phone). The robot can move and take pictures and send them to mobile phone. The module loudspeaker actually a hands-free device, if you want to use the robot to hear and speak… The manual says that it is for children from 8 years and young adults.
Just a precaution: If your child 8 years is a handyman and has a Bluetooth mobile phone worthy of the name, it could transform into a terminator … It’s a joke.

Robots to voice commands Meccano Spykee Vox and Spykee Miss

Robots à commandes vocales Meccano Spykee Vox et Spykee Miss

Spykee introduced Spykee Vox and Spykee Miss, each apparently aimed at a specific gender. Each robot has an iPod dock, but it seems that is also compatible with other MP3 players. Vox and Miss are designed to obey the commands in English, French and Spanish (a language at a time) and can use its infrared module to control many appliances (TV, mini-stereo…). The user can customize it further by creating new movements and sounds on a PC or a Mac. Continue reading