Toyota Mobiro: Robo-Job

Toyota Mobiro: Robo-JobThe car manufacturer Toyota will focus increasingly on the development of robots as partners of the people. “Back to the benefit of the public and the people I would like the robot and robot accelerate development time for practical application,” announced Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe on Thursday ( 5.12.) During the presentation of two new Human robot models. The single “Mobiro”, an abbreviation of mobility robot that can bring people driven by a battery with a speed of six km / h over distances of up to 20 kilometers transported. Here he is in a position to independently avoid obstacles and can also be sent by remote control. Continue reading

Toyota robot can play violin

In the science-fiction films Terminator 1-3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I, Robot with Will Smith was shown the audience, which allows us to develop humanoid robots can bring. In the Terminator films independent of the machines and try to destroy mankind. In the movie I, Robot, however, the robots are helping the human beings. Everywhere you can find them there, in the household, on the street, in the train, etc. Similar probably had visions of the Japanese car company Toyota, as it is consistent with the development of humanoid robots began. In a presentation in Tokyo showed the company is now a 1.52-metre human-robot, based on a real violin a piece of “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Here he moved his body in a wheelchair Rhythmus. Also on two wheels presented the company. Continue reading

Toyota entrust the keys to his museum to a humanoid robot

ImageA new humanoid robot will serve as a guide loquace in the museum’s first automobile manufacturer worldwide, Japanese Toyota, inside his stronghold in central Japan.
Presented Monday, the robot to look feminine, with a height of 1.20 meters with a weight of 60 kilos, moves independently on wheels, avoiding obstacles.
Called “Robina”, it will guide visitors to the museum Automotive Group-Toyota City, near Nagoya (center).
According to its designer, “Robina” is capable of giving explanations to watching a person who recognizes the name on a badge. It can also keep a pen and sign autographs willingly, promised Toyota.A like his compatriot and Honda with its advanced technologies, Toyota has been actively engaged in the development of robotic technologies, convinced that the robots will in future play an important role in the aging Japanese society. Continue reading