Sony draws a line under Aibo robotic

chien Aibo Sony has announced the cessation of production of Aibo, the famous robot dog that can monitor your home when you’re not here to speak with a vocabulary of more than 1000 words and even, for latest developments, keep a blog! Launched in 1999, the Aibo adventure stops, lack of profitability, such as Qrio, the humanoid robot from Sony, which has never been marketed. Despite some 150 000 copies sold (unit price: about 2000 dollars), the pack of robots Aibo is not consistent enough to justify the cost it involves developments, especially on the segment of the general public robotics The competition – including American – prepares its weapons. Continue reading

Time-scaling control for an under actuated biped robot,0.jpgThis paper presents a control law for the tracking of a cyclic reference trajectory by an under actuated biped robot. The robot studied is a five-link planar robot. The degree of under actuation is one during the single support phase. The control law is defined in such a way that only the geometric evolution of the robot is controlled, not the temporal evolution. To achieve this objective, we consider a time-scaling control. For a given reference path, the temporal evolution during the geometric tracking is completely defined and can be analyzed through the study of the dynamic model. Continue reading