Quince – universal robot comes to “service” in Japanese rescue units.

universal robotUniversal Robots, to help emergency services during natural disasters and catastrophes, have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in carrying out rescue operations. Continue reading

A robot kit to control the Net

NRL for “Networked IPIL Robot” is the name of the new robotics platform for both flexible and controllable via the Internet developed by engineers from the Indonesian Institute of Science.

First characteristic of the system: the supervision is done by TCP / IP. While so far most networked robots were supervised remotely by radio, the user of NRL no longer need to install dedicated software on the terminal from which the robot control or use an interface for monitoring complicated. The central unit of the robotic system including a web server, simply connect to an address dedicated to giving orders and check the data it has collected and sent by Second Wi-Fi feature of the system: its extreme flexibility, both software and hardware. Continue reading