Japan’s economy to highlight the improvement in productivity

Practical application of robots in Japan is the technology of industrial robots were developed in the United States began in 1969 when it should have a domestic market. After age 70, and 80 developed rapidly spread with the development of robots with their own age. Around the late 70’s power is the way to the robot in the world, surpassing the United States, which led to the present. Contributed to the development of robotic technology as a major user, the automotive industry to support the Japanese economy since then till now, was the electronics industry.

Strictly to quality, the industry must respond to the needs of Japanese consumers always seeking new, factory workers rather welcomed the introduction of robots to improve the working conditions under the lifetime employment and insatiable quest for improved product engineer, and affinity to comics and animation through the robot, the substrate-specific social, economic and Japan, to facilitate and accelerate the introduction of robots and different from Western countries, the world’s industrial robots in Japan Why would have been. These industrial robots, production lines were developed for the robot is modified, the worker should not be isolated from the accident, which simply repeat the process.