Robot Spykee Cell commissioned

Robot Spykee Cell commandé par Bluetooth de Meccano

The Spykee Cell is another robot to climb you own Meccano. It is controlled remotely via Bluetooth (from a mobile phone). The robot can move and take pictures and send them to mobile phone. The module loudspeaker actually a hands-free device, if you want to use the robot to hear and speak… The manual says that it is for children from 8 years and young adults.
Just a precaution: If your child 8 years is a handyman and has a Bluetooth mobile phone worthy of the name, it could transform into a terminator … It’s a joke.

Robots to voice commands Meccano Spykee Vox and Spykee Miss

Robots à commandes vocales Meccano Spykee Vox et Spykee Miss

Spykee introduced Spykee Vox and Spykee Miss, each apparently aimed at a specific gender. Each robot has an iPod dock, but it seems that is also compatible with other MP3 players. Vox and Miss are designed to obey the commands in English, French and Spanish (a language at a time) and can use its infrared module to control many appliances (TV, mini-stereo…). The user can customize it further by creating new movements and sounds on a PC or a Mac. Continue reading

Robot surveillance WiFi WoWee

Rovio: robot de surveillance en WiFi de WoWee

Wowee unveiled its new WiFi webcam robot, which can be remotely using any device with Internet access: mobile phone, PC or video game console. Users can see what happens at home or at work through the camera integrated Rovio that stream video and audio transmitted by the robot. Including the intelligent navigation and positioning system North Star , Rovio moves alone with precision and can avoid obstacles on its way. We hope to see a live demonstration at CES. Continue reading

Spy Robot Snooper

Robot Espion Snooper

It seems that these days, technology has progressed to the point where it is quite normal to have tons of products spies. The Spy Robot Snooper is a little discreet manner. It can be put in position by being controlled remotely, capturing and transmitting sound in a radius of 45 meters. I suppose you can always hide somewhere in the closet or cabinet, or a more discreet alternative. The Spy Robot Snooper costs £ 39.99.

A portrait robot

Un robot portraitisteYou know these street artists who look to have more talent than those in the local art gallery? Well, now you can have your own portrait done by a robot, instead of relying on human talent, thanks to the efforts of the researcher Sylvain Calinon. The developed robot can recognize a face in his field of vision, taking a digital photo and extracting the main features of the face. Once algorithms are en route, the robot will operate automatically as a tracer curves X / Y, by increasing the details slowly but surely. Continue reading

Fujitsu Automation unveils robot HOAP-3

  robot HOAP-3

The Honda robot ASIMO has a new friend recently – the humanoid robot HOAP-3 Fujitsu Automation. Small in size with 60cm and weighing 8.8kg, it is equipped with image recognition and various sensors. With a Pentium M processor running at 1.1GHz under RT-Linux, HOAP-3 would be a target of choice for developers “home” of applications. Fujitsu Automation has announced that the interface internal information hardware / software for unity emerge soon. The simulation software pre-confirmation control programs is included for those who want to program it themselves. Continue reading

A robot assistant office designed by Hitachi

CliquezThe group diversified Japanese electronics Hitachi introduced Wednesday a new robot designed to assist employees in offices and to replace the hostesses to make a green tea to visitors, through its faculties of communication and travel.Called “Emiew 2”, this humanoid robot red wheels, 80 inches tall, is the descendant of Emiew, a first version designed by Hitachi in 2005. “Emiew 2”, which includes 27 degrees of freedom (joints), is lighter than its predecessor (13 kg instead of 15 kg).
The robot assistance, designed to “cohabit with humans, is able to move independently at a speed of 6 km / h, even a human pressed. He can communicate by voice recognition and knows how to move within a company through a radar to bypass obstacles, and a map of places he could establish himself.
Continue reading

The robots push the door of the house to assemble themselves or humanoid capable of recognizing faces, a new generation of robots happens, more and more domesticated. They walk, talk, recognize faces and become more sociable. Gone is the dream of science fiction: the robots have become reality and begin to integrate our daily lives. In factories, they perform technical tasks and at home, they want to keep us company or help us with household chores. Even if not all aspects of humanoids Hollywood. “The robot is in a situation comparable to that of early computers,” said Jerome Damelincourt, store manager Rob polis specializes in robotics. We have no idea yet what it will be in twenty years when the first computers arrived, it was not invented Word or Excel, or video games, much less the Internet. The role will have the robot in a few years remains a mystery. One can imagine that help children do their homework, we will replace it for the work boring, or that fits in everyday objects such as television or appliances. Continue reading

Robot is present in many international research programmes the USA, most federal agencies support programs in robotics. For example, with NASA missions and Sojourner Martiennes, NSF whose various programmes display thematic Robea, mainly in the division CISE ($ 190M budget in 2001), or DARPA. Most American universities have teams and laboratories in the field (particularly those referenced on this site), like the Robotics Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University, which concentrates more than 200 researchers in 25 projects ranging from exploration or planetary polar driving. It should be pointed out effort R & D industrial robotics in the USA. Thus the work of CMU develops and builds on the Robotics Consortium Pittsburgh.The Japan mobilizes ambitious projects in the field. The program launched in Humanoid Robot 98 (50 million over 5 years) is significant research efforts of this country, efforts that extend through activities of industrial R & D intensive (Sony, Honda, etc). Continue reading