Honda robot can jog creates only a speed of three kilometers per hour .
Japan’s third largest car manufacturer now presented an improved version of its humanoid robot. Honda According to the first truly Asimo walking robot. However, the steps are still small, so that Asimo trippelt something and do not have a speed of three kilometers per hour hinauskommt. The real challenge in the development of a walking robot, according to Honda engineers is to ensure that the 1.30 Meter and 54 kilograms heavy Humanoid also the abandonment of ground holds equal weight. Because step over the short term, both legs in the air. The electronics giant Sony had a year ago also presented a robot, for a brief moment with both feet leave the ground. The movements of the so-called Qrio resembled more of a hop, which linked to the fact that the robot after Abfedern the necessary power to go forward kick of the leg is missing. Continue reading

Asimo robot is really human humanoid robot Asimo from Honda now works independently and operates independently with its environment.
The new technology developed by Honda puts the robot now in the situation in an environment with other people and Asimo robots to interact. Asimo has learned and is now in a position to be harmonious. The robot can now dodge oncoming people. It covers the persons eyes with his camera, calculates its direction of motion and speed, calculated their expected movements and then selects independently the fairest way to the person not to hinder. Is not enough space occurs Asimo back and lets the people the priority. Even in the everyday work of a human being, the small robots now perform tasks such as wearing a trays and pushing a wagon. Another feature is that when Asimo below a certain battery now stand independently its battery charges. The comprehensive system allows that several Asimo robot work together for editing. Continue reading

Gentleman robot meets for the first time in Switzerland

Asimo robot had yesterday at the fair Swiss Oerlikon-Moto in his first appearance in Switzerland. Quite Gentleman, he brought on Valentine’s Day with a rose. was deceiver can go as a man dancing on one leg and even climb stairs: What every small child sometime masters, means the robot research milestone Asimo is the most advanced human-robot. Behind his capabilities are over 20 years of research in the Honda laboratories. Continue reading

“Asimo – Artificial intelligence for the everyday

asimo.gifAsimo.gifIm year 2050 should be human-robot on two legs after the official FIFA rules against the then incumbent, human soccer World Cup play – and win. The experts have at least the robot development at the flags. At the University of Bielefeld was recently the new Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics (Cur-Lab) cor-lab. into operation. In addition, a research cooperation between the University and the Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH honda-ri signed, the university and basic industrial research unite. The robots will be with cognitive and social skills, and to assistants for the everyday man. Star guest at the opening was Asimo, a robot from Honda menschenahnlicher. About 20 years after the presentation of the first Asimo model presents the latest generation significantly developed. “In the racing circuit, the hand shake and push a cart include the wearing of tablets to his new repertoire,” reported the Berliner Zeitung. Using an infrared transmitter Asimo can now even have a ball and recognize wegkicken. Continue reading

Robots show emotions

Der menschliche Roboter AsimoJapanese researchers are in the development of a copy of intelligent people have far. The market for service robots is growing schwungvoll. It is almost like right in the dentist’s office. If the drill on the nerve, the patient groans. Only this is not flesh and blood. However, the 1.60 meter tall robot the appearance of an average woman copied Japan, including a long, black hair. He can even to frown or roll their eyes when a schmerzempfindliche taken. “The facial expression is extremely realistic,” enthuses Tatsuo Matsuzaki Kokoro by the manufacturer. “Students can be the suffering of the patient comprehension.” Japan, this year the partner country at the Hanover Fair, is a trendsetter in the development of new generations of robots. With 370,000 copies, 40 percent of all the world used machines installed in Japanese factories. At 10,000 workers, 349 machines colleagues. And this is just the beginning. To the dwindling number of workers as a result of the rapid ageing of society to replace the planned Ministry of Trade and Industry (Meti) until 2025 the use of one million industrial robots. Continue reading

Robot solve Rubik’s Cube

A robot called Cube-Kun debuted earlier this month at the TEPIA exhibition in Tokyo. His sole purpose? To solve Rubix Cubes within seconds. He has a giant flat screen for a face. When you give him a Cube, he quickly registers what the six sides look like, displays that on his screen, and then figures out a solution in approximately one second. Then his hands get to work. Created by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.


A puzzle-solving robot is set to take visitors to the British Toy Fair back to the future.

Asimo first visit to Austria

Quelle: HelmreichHuman Honda’s Asimo robot equipped now his first visit to Austria. On stage, he showed polite bow to his ability, ran, presented before an enthusiastic audience to dance and climbed treppauf-treppab.Im under the spectacular presentation of the new Civics with guest star Kim Wilde also visited Honda’s Asimo robot Human Austria first visited . With a stage presence showed the latest Asimo under the moderation of the German synchronous voice of Harrison Ford, Wolfgang Pampel, his amazing skill and stole the four-Hauptakteuer the evening the show. The 1.30 meter tall and 54 kilograms heavy robot made of plastic, steel and silicon hoppelte with six km / h along the stage, erklomm a staircase, a short dance, and had the enthusiastic audience at the Salzburg airport by a glance the robot own eyes werfen. Continue reading

HONDA – progress as a challenge

Technology and motor sports since the company was founded by Soichiro Honda essential elements, not only in the products again, but also part of the Honda philosophy. The world’s largest engine manufacturer developed pioneering technology, the driving pleasure and everyday practicality combined. In the special exhibition at the Museum of Technology in Spryer Honda shows exhibits, which not only brand history, but also milestones of mobility on land and at sea represent. The highlight of the exhibition is the racing version of the Civic Hybrid, directly from this 24-hour race at the Unbarring for the exhibition. Continue reading

Humanoid Robot nowadays on television a foreword by Thomas Christaller A standard works – the first time in German translation! Humanoid roboter, nowadays on television or at exhibitions sees running around, as if they were people and impress us with various art pieces. There are certainly many people who are interested in how these movements can be realized. The aim of this book is to answer these questions. The proposed theories and techniques are used to Humanoid roboter HRP-2 to move. In principle, the same basic techniques with the famous HONDA of ASIMO or Sony’s QRIO by. By leaves of the book you will find that the content is by no means easy. Continue reading