Aldebaran rises 5 million to develop the robot Nao

naoRobotics successful start-ups hexagonal. After Violet, the Navasota which attacks the U.S. market, or Wavestorm, whose software powers the promising Skypee by Meccano, it is the turn of Aldebaran Robotics announced a fundraising of 5 million euros with CDC Innovation and I-Source Gestion for the development of its robot Nao. “The support of renowned investors such as CDC Innovation and I-Source Gestion is a great validation of our technology choices and business model of our company. The company has taken major steps since its inception in 2005, and this funding will enable us to strengthen our teams of professionals, to deliver our Nao robots to Robocop teams, and to prepare its public launch the next year. “commented Bruno Maisonnier, CEO of Aldebaran Robotics. A both intelligent and communicating, Nao robot is 60 cm high, fully programmable through its onboard computer and for various applications in areas such as education, entertainment, home support or security. Continue reading

Robot soccer professionals fear Teaching The Robocop competition has long been mocked as mere gimmick. But researchers from other fields see the chickened machines now the high art of robotics. By the year 2050 will be acting autonomously humanoid robot can play better football than people. Specifically: A robot team, according to official FIFA rules against the then reigning world champion and when. That is the stated objective of the international Robocop initiative, the Chinese Sushi near Shanghai just their twelfth annual World Cup tournament has finished. The project solves either spontaneous enthusiasm, surprise or anxiety. In particular, experts respond but is still happy with herablassendem Naserumpfen. Continue reading

University for the robot Asimo University of Bielefeld in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, opens tomorrow Institute cognition and robotics (CoR-Lab). The institute will carry out its research activities in the field of cognition and intelligent robots “, a scientific field in which groups of interdisciplinary research at the University of Bielefeld are distinguished, nationally as internationally. This year, the university will particularly benefit from its good relations with the Honda group.

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