Nanorobot surgeon soon to slide into an artery?

A tiny device a quarter of a millimeter in diameter would be able to trace the blood in an artery to an area to operate and use miniature instruments, controlled remotely by a surgeon. This scenario is coming out of science fiction …

For now, the nanochirurgien able to slip into an artery does not exist yet. But an Australian team at Monash University, headed by James Friend, had described a prototype in the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengeenering. Continue reading

Urbi: a universal operating system for robots

A company that specializes in software (or software application is a set of programs, which allows a computer or a computer system …) for the general public robotics is to provide an operating system (OS) universal for robots. Currently the OS developed by the company Gostai, “Urbi” make compatible more than 16 robots on the market. It is anticipated that its architecture (architecture, a term derived from the Latin architectura, derived from the Greek word …) applications remotely GostaiNet now available in the field of telepresence, evolving into entertainment and family applications in the course of 2009.

Services compatible with all robotic robots
Gostai, startup that specializes in software for robotics general public, presented on 14 January its new technology (The word has two meanings technology partner:) GostaiNet. With GostaiNet, the company now plans to offer subscription access to remote applications running on any robot market. A mobile platform equipped with a simple camera (The term camera comes from the Latin: bedroom, room for photography. It means a camera …), a microphone / speaker and a wireless connection sufficient.

These applications can run remotely on powerful servers robotic behaviors involving advanced capabilities of vision, speech (The speech is embodied language. That is the act of a subject. If the language refers to the concept of code ,…) and artificial intelligence, and on any compatible robot, regardless of its capacity and its embedded processor, in particular robots low cost. The intelligence of the robot is no longer in the robot, but executed remotely. Continue reading

The concept – Nao Robot

The project was launched in early 2005 and aims to make available to the general public at an affordable price, a humanoid robot with mechanical functions, electronic and cognitive worthy prototype research (see chart below). Nao should be available to the general public at the end of 2009.

Comes standard with basic behaviors, the robot will be marketing the ideal support to learn robotics and enriched many behaviors, it will become an autonomous companion for the whole family. He later evolve its role as a companion to a real job assistance for daily tasks (monitoring, tele-assistance, information, real-virtual link …).
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Bionic Wasp Israeli Robot

The State of Israel is using nanotechnology to develop a robot no bigger than a wasp to be able to hunt for targets, photograph, or even kill them …

This killer application of science s’apellera “bionic wasp. It will be able to navigate through narrow corridors to target enemies, generally inaccessible, such as rocket launchers.

It is in fact a weapons developed in time by the Israeli authorities, in order to fight “terrorists” (heard here “all those who do not follow the diktat issued by governments). Other weapons are planned, such as gloves that will lift heavy loads.
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Remote-controlled robot for mobile phone security

Tmsuk Co., Ltd. ARAKOMU the security company and 22 of the robot venture, announced it had jointly developed a remote-controlled robot that can be secured in the new phone and did a press conference.

Tmsuk and ARAKOMU, March 18 fiscal year by the Ministry of Economy “business support service robot market creation,” which was adopted in the “robot development project site to check conditions for moving fast autonomous security operations,” the opportunity to do a joint development of the robot have. The new robot “T-34” is the prototype. 520 × 600mm (width × height) and weighs 12kg. Maximum speed is the speed of about 10km. Camera and a sensor, are equipped with security devices NETTORANCHA network to catch the intruder. SUKIPPUBAKKU have a record, the image sensors from a total of 10 seconds to 20 seconds can be recorded. The battery is a robot that uses a combination of nickel-hydrogen batteries and nicad.

“NETTORANCHA” security equipment is being sold as a product of Corporation. Gas will immediately set out for suspicious people in the net momentum. From a distance without touching the person suspected, and they will not use it also refers to the training. Net, that the struggle to become entangled as a suspicious MOGAKE. The price is about 2 million yen strength, and that 17,000 primary schools have more than delivered. Four years after purchase to remain. The robot is equipped with just a portion of the cartridge.T-34 is to be introduced with a single robot system without the infrastructure of the facilities, they can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone. The built-in security robots, will also be an automated response based on information from the robot’s sensors automatically. Mr. Takamoto Youiti Tmsuk president of the company in the “T-63 Artemis” Given that it has developed a robot enforcement purposes and as sophisticated and expensive, “a robot from a luxury car make, inexpensive it is more effective on each floor BARAMAITA a robot. ”

Mr. Hasegawa Kazuhiko ARAKOMU of Executive Managing Director of the “new thought and could be linked to the security guards and robots.” ARAKOMU the security company founded in 1971. 56 billion yen in sales, the industry’s 1,000 yen security companies to be positioned as mid-sized.

Building security in the report from the abnormal signals that are the first to rush a security guard, in many cases it will take time. For the unexpected happens, sometimes wrapped in smoke and flames of fire at the guards. But if the robot is near you, and environmental data to know the situation and move immediately to the scene, may take the first response. You can go to the scene soon after a security guard, depending on the situation on the ground. The robot that can be connected to improve the safety of guards.

Tmsuk on the answering machine for home robots, “robot” to development, and sales. The prototype of the “robot” that will be positioned for more of the top models. As a practical matter, 0.8 in action while watching the video from your mobile phone about a time lag of a second, aimed at stopping the right position is extremely difficult. With the large turning radius, that have large operations in places such as illegal dumping sites and the security of the outdoor events. Weapons research and development in the future, other than improved battery, and that changing the exterior design and application of NETTORANCHA located.

The 50 products to about 10,000 yen, to commercialize the end of the year if possible. Takamoto said, “not only a demonstration event and robots, we will put out a thorough search business.”
Key features of this robot-

■ sound sensor
And react to loud noise outside. Sensitivity can be set in five stages.
■ Mike
Mike will be calling for.
■ Camera Module
With tilt function, driving range is 10 ° above 70 ° lower. Swivel left and right by the robot to 360 °.
■ Camera
Using a 30 megapixel camera, vertical viewing angle of about 40 °, about 50 ° left and right.
■ LED Light

RASHIMASU forward to a bright and dark in the room when the night.
■ sensor people
5m radius to detect the movement of people coming from the infrared range. One in front, two rear.
■ Speaker
5-step volume <+4 stage mute> is adjustable.
■ The Ministry of infrared light
i used to communicate by infrared applications. You can set the robot using infrared fine. You can also operate as a remote control robot.
■ wheel drive 2 months
It is for wheeled wheel.
■ LED Illumination
That changes color depending on the mode of three-color LED illumination
■ audio output
When the robot using a video phone, connect the audio input jacks on the TV this pin.
■ Image output
When the robot using a video phone, connect to the terminal of the TV video inputs.
■ power connector
AC100V power. The outlet for your home. If you do not connect the power connector works on batteries.
■ Casters
This is training wheels.
■ go mode
When going out, “go mode” settings. Once the sensors detect abnormal robot-equipped cell phone immediately bring your hand (FOMA) and reported to you. In addition, the bedridden elderly and children, in a pinch, you can contact the mobile phone by simply pressing a set of robot FAMIRIKORUBOTAN press.
■ teleoperation mode
From outside, access to the robot, you can see the look of the room. You can easily manipulate the robot by simply pressing the buttons on your phone. Anytime, from anywhere, remote control (Go, intimidation, and conversation). But when you see how your pet is bedridden elderly and children check off the electricity in mind.
■ mode TV phone
If you connect to your home TV, you can monitor real-time TV. Using a mobile phone and TV phone, talking and watching each other, gives unlimited communication.
■ Illumination mode
Robot, and three-color LED. More luminous colors corresponding to each of the robot mode, as the interior lights,CHIMASU unique charm. The high interior is characteristic of the robot.

Parts & accessories:
■ Drive system: wheels ■ Power: AC Adapter / Ni-MH battery ■ Communication and Control: Card Type FOMA
■ Video Input: camera (tilt function)
■ output: video output, audio output
■ Others: microphone, speaker, sensor, sound sensor ■ Width: 27cm Height: 26cm Overall length: 26cm
■ Price: 294,000 yen (tax included)
■ Weight: 3.25kg

T-34 side


phone move
forward and backward

net from suspicious fire

eyes of the fire net robot

with the type of shoot. Overall length: 27cm
the same cartridge
President, Takamoto Youiti Tmsuk

Executive Managing Director Mr. Hasegawa Kazuhiko ARAKOMU



There is an increasing trend in using robots for medical purposes. One specific area is the rehabilitation. There are some commercial exercise machines used for rehabilitation purposes. However, these machines have limited use because of their insufficient motion freedom. In addition, these types of machines are not actively controlled and therefore can not accommodate complicated exercises required during rehabilitation. Now a days so many different dieting pills and tablets in market. You can’t open up a newspaper without reading about the latest diet pills including best diet pills. Continue reading

Installing Harmony on ISS

The crew aboard the International Space Station plugged and connected successfully Harmony connecting node that will be moored on the European science laboratory in early December.

Built by Thales Alenia Space, Harmony was delivered to the ISS on STS-120 and installed in its final position on the U.S. Destiny science laboratory on 14 November. 2 days earlier, the astronauts had detached from Destiny pressurized adapter (PMA-2), a joint junction that allows shuttles to dock, to attach Harmony.
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Humanoid Robotics

The robot Femisapiens of Wowwee is one of the last jewels of Wowwee! His fluid movements sophisticated allow him to make gestures and elegant movements, enhancing its attractiveness! With infra-red detectors and audio that enable it to synchronize its movements with dance music, she can also speak their own language and respond to gestures, the touch and sounds of users. It will delight users of Robosapien

Asimo will read your mind

Honda is developing the future of robots revolution that will make them closer to us, the more skillful to communicate with us. Researchers have developed an interface that allows the individual to control simply Asimo just by thinking. The system, developed by Honda and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, uses an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to measure brain signals of the individual, then send them to Asimo that treats.

For example, the researcher pointed a finger of honor Asimo, then drew a V in space with his finger. Seconds later, Asimo has imitated. This system, widely discussed in Asimov’s work for other reasons (second foundation) could shortly becoming more complex, and thus enable the robot to analyze the lesser impact brain and why not send a discussion spaced between two parties for hundreds of miles of one

We are facing a major innovation in domestic robotics!