Cocoon – Killer Wii

When it comes to virtual fun, we usually do not skimp on the quality of audio and video systems. No wonder, since the primary role in this respect plays a sensory perception of the game environment. To date, the most common consumer goods, which is the most advanced interactivity, is the console Nintendo Wii. But it is limited to a set of controllers and a television screen. Today, modern technologies allow us to make significant strides in the development of gaming industry and represent a new system, which, according to developers, will be “killer Wii” – Cocoon.

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How to make the combat robot

So you’ve decided to create a robot, but have heard that it is too difficult. I have for you is very welcome news. To make a competitive fighting robot, requires minimal technical skills to acquire that much easier than you think.

For example, I – a specialist in computers and have never in their lives faced with the need to improvise something with his hands. This continued until my children came up to me and did not say: “Dad, you’re doing us a robot, or we are looking for another father, who we do it.” So me and had to find out what is different from the bush lerki. 

But they came and asked, and I had to learn all this, and after a year or so (after many failed attempts) I have a good ultralight cuneate robot Anorexia (I gave him this name because he went a little) (Anorexia — “anorexia”). This robot can be seen on DVD, released Robot Club & Grill MAYHEM. Then Anorexia hook screw for the ceiling and in the process of repair has become a good truck, which would have been even better if I carefully drove the car.

(By the way, if you click any of the small images, it will be possible to see enlarged version.)

So, do not hesitate to shelve the case, proceed to the case. This year again, the children come to me and said that now they want their own robot, which simply must be at least some weapons. So I had to go back to the bench.

The case is complicated by the fact that I wanted was just to make a robot that can be used many before me have the spare parts (like batteries, speed controllers, etc.) and that for various “navorochek” use simple components: both easier and faster. The time I have been limited because prior to the qualifying competitions for the south-western states remained only a few months.

This sport (and the creation of the combat robot can be safely attributed to the sport) is constantly evolving, and now you can easily get a lot of proven components, through which even the novice will be able to build a good robot. In other words, I have basic skills, but to make a big box to transfer any torque arms I am not able to. Fortunately, neither me nor you do not want to.

In developing the design of the robot, we decided to operate on the principle that the best defense – the attack. All resources are aimed at weapon – blade lawn, which is driven by electric motor Magmotor. I save every gram to make the blade is the most difficult, and in the end, we got a whole block of tool steel weighing 6.9 pounds (3.13 kilograms), length 22 inches (56 centimeters).

Basically, I used standard parts, and if the design turned out to be unsuccessful, many elements could be replaced by more suitable. The decision proved right: the article describes the fourth version of the robot.

The first model was a something like the letter “T” made of aluminum with a lot of holes to reduce weight. Casters and wheels of the plane of rotation of the blades were directed at an angle to each other, so the robot can easily rotate, it is not moving their arms. However, when moving back was given rasp, as if kolyut nuts. You can not say that this is the best design, but with a disastrous shortage of opportunity to turn to the protection of the most dangerous enemy of his party seemed to me a great advantage.

Two weeks before the first intervention had to re-design. When moving the robot hub transfer box touches the ground, because of what he lost in maneuverability. Obliquely arranged wheels allow the robot to turn on pyatachke, but when moving back there have been problems.

So, I went back to the drawing board, and after a while I get the robot to the displaced axis of rotation, a bit reminiscent of a light 2EZ. At least, the train in welding.

At the competition showed that the robot had to be called “Kamikaze”, because after each attack, he overturns and completely defenseless. After one of the blows he had to ride across the scene. So, again, had to go back to the drawing board. 
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A robot to play tic-tac-toe

This robot is playing alone with a man in the classic (3 x 3) tic-tac-toe.

The game is simple, like myself, the robot built out of LEGO-NXT. «Self» means that the robot can determine what kind of made people take a decision and make a retaliatory move. This person does not have a direct impact on the robot, ie no clicks, for example, the control buttons.

Game board is made up of a further detail of the same designer of LEGO, as a «dagger» and «noughts» using appropriate size pieces of two colors (for a white person necessarily, for better recognition of the robot).

The design involved all 3 engine, part of the set. Two of them – to move the carriage over the playing field, and the third – a mechanism for managing emissions checkers using traction cable. On the carriage is an active light sensor for determining the presence of the white pieces in the box game, and store at 5 checkers that «charged» before the game. Moreover, the limit switch, a mechanism to bring in original condition and the sound sensor to feed the robot voice commands like «let’s go, plastic block!».

When you start the program, the robot leads servomotor to its original state, resets the counters, the situation and invites the person to make his move. A man puts a bomb in one of the cells and provides a sound command the robot. Using rooted in memory, information about the location of cells playing field, the robot positions the carriage with a light sensor on each of the cells identified in the memory as free at the moment, in search of the white pieces, had not yet determined what kind of people did. Then, the robot decides on its response, taking advantage of a winning strategy, and introducing some variety into the game with the help of random number generator. Now the robot is to place the carriage on the selected unit, reset it to bomb and leave in the original position to open the playing field for the next turn right.
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The robotics applied to surgery

The surgery includes robotic systems and image processing in order to interactively assist a surgeon in its planning and execution of surgical procedures.

The objective of this clinical robotic surgery is to contribute to enhancing the quality of care by limiting the operative trauma (smaller incisions and tissue decay …) for the benefit of the patient and society, and Agreement with medical ethics. Several types of surgery such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, microsurgery, laparoscopy in general surgery and cardiac surgery benefit from the contribution of robotics. Continue reading

Six-legged robots ready to explore Mars

An American team was able to optimize the process an amazing six-legged walking robot. Result: The machine is fifteen times faster than the rovers to the Martian Nasa.

On 26 April 2005, the Mars rover Opportunity, which then rolls over a year on the planet red, bogged down in an area of very fine sand. The engineers of JPL will need to replenish on Earth the ground that has trapped the rover and the development of slow and complicated maneuvers to clear the small craft lost on Mars. A year later, in June 2006, Opportunity bogged down again in front of the Victoria crater.  Continue reading

IRT robot system research and development

The University of Tokyo, “the graying of society and social support to people and the creation of IRT based” projects has been from 2006. In this project, IRT gradually established a platform promoting innovation, and social support to older people have fewer children and IRT scenario depicts the creation of the foundation. The platforms, robots, social support system, IRT research project creation based robotic system is composed of a platform, for the social needs of the graying of society, robotic devices, IRT control, IRT environment while practicing in a new technology platform for innovation. Continue reading