When robots work with Intelligent Building & Designing !

The time when robots will serve as a personal assistant may not be so far away. Shimizu Corp.. and Yaskawa Electric Corp.. just opened a demonstration called "Smart Showroom. This place is the first stage of the project "Robotics Smart Building" which aims to provide many services in a comfortable environment,photo comforter , combining robotics technology infrastructure intelligent.
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The design of robots is not just about technology

The man-machine interface may be hampered by clichés that convey particular films. Engineers study the perception of robots to optimize the creation of future humanoid.

Help engineers to design robots that correspond to the end user. It is the goal pursued by the robotics Bill Smart and literature researcher Lara Bovilsky, both teachers at Washington University in St. Louis. They presented a workshop on how fictional robots are perceived by many in the RO-MAN conference 2008 held in Munich. The image of robots that carry into effect such films as Terminator or Matrix hinders the massive development of robots and especially the quality of interaction between man and machine. “Most people have never seen a robot of their lives. The only experience they have comes from movies or books,” said Bill Smart in New Scientist. This affects how they react to real robots. “People have a preconceived idea of how a humanoid should behave. If this is not the case, they may be confused.” Continue reading

Things to consider when buying a laptop

The laptops allow you to work wherever you want, without having to be tied to a desk. In addition to their mobility, the performance they reach today, makes them an attractive alternative to desktop computers for the majority of uses, from office to multimedia via the Internet and games.

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The robot opens to almost all the human senses

Designed by engineers from ETRI, POMI animal is a robot capable of interacting with a multimodal human beings. It reproduced four of the five senses.

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), a Korean government agency, has developed a pet robot able to interact with humans. Title POMI (Penguin Robot Multimodal Interaction), the robot imitates four of the five human senses: he can see, hear, touch and even smell. It may first move the eyes, eyebrows and even pupils imitating different emotions. His program is also equipped with voice recognition software, under which the robot can respond to certain questions put to him. Continue reading

Market expectations for the creation of a new robot

The Ministry of Economy 6 RI META the “New Economic Growth Strategy”, one of the key strategic areas in the new growth of population decline in the future, “Robot” with the deal, the acceleration of innovation like to expose the policies and the market is also full.Currently, the robot in Japan, as an industry TAZU to 7000 yen, and manufacturing to be the nation’s most basic industries (manufacturing) has been active in the field. Continue reading

Establishment of the Robot Business Promotion Council

The infrastructure improvement and market creation for the creation of industrial robots, efforts are required, as a practical move, “Robot Business Promotion Council” for the establishment of to introduce initiatives.This council, this year was reported to the Ministry of Economy, “Policy Research Robots” by the proposals, which were carried to establish cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Economy, the Council for the establishment of broad industry groups are seeking participants from research organizations. Continue reading

KUKA Robot Group ( Mecca technology )

KUKA Robot Group is a self-confessed tech companies. The further development of the PC along with control and drive technology-based, and emphasizes the development of new applications. For the ever-increasing sense of control, KUKA is also focused on the development of its control (KUKA Motion Control). As to complement the technical capabilities of the product, there are a wide range of services. Continue reading

The future of robot technology

Astro Boy” as in, have a look similar to humans, and all-purpose robot that can do everything a human is far beyond. However, robotic technology is broad, deep and rear. It also took out some of it can be used effectively to limit the scene. Depending on the needs of society, progress and development of robots that act as a private individual, will be used in different places, you can expect the development of new robotic technology stack based on them. Continue reading

 Japan’s economy to highlight the improvement in productivity

Practical application of robots in Japan is the technology of industrial robots were developed in the United States began in 1969 when it should have a domestic market. After age 70, and 80 developed rapidly spread with the development of robots with their own age. Around the late 70’s power is the way to the robot in the world, surpassing the United States, which led to the present. Contributed to the development of robotic technology as a major user, the automotive industry to support the Japanese economy since then till now, was the electronics industry. Continue reading

A robot kit to control the Net

NRL for “Networked IPIL Robot” is the name of the new robotics platform for both flexible and controllable via the Internet developed by engineers from the Indonesian Institute of Science.

First characteristic of the system: the supervision is done by TCP / IP. While so far most networked robots were supervised remotely by radio, the user of NRL no longer need to install dedicated software on the terminal from which the robot control or use an interface for monitoring complicated. The central unit of the robotic system including a web server, simply connect to an address dedicated to giving orders and check the data it has collected and sent by Second Wi-Fi feature of the system: its extreme flexibility, both software and hardware. Continue reading