working humanoid robot

robotIndustrial Technology Research Institute, an independent corporation on November 26, 1998 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was conducted in five-year plan are “co-coordinated research and development of human-robot system (HRP: Humanoid Robotics Project)” announced the final results and was released to the press. Continue reading

Honda humanoid robot ASIMO

kloetzeHonda humanoid robot ASIMO “China Tour” stir Foshan, China Honda Official News 2009-12-19 .Have you ever seen a robot can walk upright Mody? Can you imagine the robot can run, play, or even with people dancing Mody? These originally appeared only in the science fiction scene, today turned into a reality. December 17 ~ December 20, Continue reading

Robots won the TeenSize Competitions in the Humanoid League

robotAfter winning the semi-final 3:0 against HWM (Villach, Austria), our robot Dynaped met the robot from CIT Brains (Japan) in the final of the TeenSize Dribble-an-Kick tournament. Dynaped dribbled the ball reliably across the field and kicked it strongly into the free goal corner. As a goalie, Continue reading

Review of the Best Robots of 2008

robotRobot innovation continued its relentless advances during 2008. In this post we would like to showcase some of our favorite robots and robot videos of the last year or so. This review is heavily slanted to consumer robots and research robots. Perhaps in the future we can do a review of industrial robots. Continue reading

Comprehensive Humanoid Robot Kit

robotWelcome to the world’s first truly diverse and interchangeable robot platform. The Bioloid Multi-bot is the first robot of its kind to be built around serially controlled servo technology. This allows the user to construct a wide variety of robot configurations, including the autonomous exploration robot, quadruped puppy robot, hexapod spider robot, dinosaur robot and bi-pedal humanoid…all with one controller board. Continue reading