The best techno surprises

honda_fcx_clarityFlexible displays and an underwater car, steering by the thought and the AGV, the first man and really driving the growth of solar energy, not to mention a plethora of robots. The exploits of the technology have not failed in 2008 …

If it runs quickly successes and new technology tracks of 2008, we can discern several areas particularly dynamic: the robot (as always), the micromechanisms (MEMS), the energy (including solar) and what might be called bionics. The now famous gecko’s feet to the birds, nature inspires more and more engineers, who have shown this year amazing prototypes. In the field of electronics is the sector screens probably the most advanced, with listings of flexible models or refund of relief. In the laboratory, the promise of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) are increasing and are now well beyond the accelerometers which envhaissent music players, like the iPod.

Between the flying man (FusionMan), the ultrasonic car, flying or plunging and transmission of orders in thought, we find that technology often leads us to where we lead, sometimes, our dreams …

January 4: A flexible screen 14-inch color A few weeks after the announcement of the first PDA screen rollable, LG Philips LCD announced a model A4. And in color! This is currently a prototype, which will be presented January 7.

Adam and Eve, the first robot scientists

honda_fcx_clarityBy force of logical deduction, a program can construct a hypothesis based on results? Can he infer physical laws from observations? Going further, he could conduct an experiment? This subject is no longer a debate of philosophy or science fiction. To these three questions, the answer is yes. Moreover, these scholars robots already exist … Continue reading

Robot super-fast bullet catcher …

honda_fcx_clarityThey play with a ball, catch it in flight and juggling with a stick. The robots Masatoshi Ishikawa and Takashi Komuro have mostly the shape of a hand with three fingers, complete with two cameras and their speed was amazing enough to make a jealous player ping-pong … Continue reading

Attempts to breathe life into the robot through the robot

robotThe artificial creatures have always populated our imaginary robot, robots, avatars … These terms include what we call in this case “artificial creatures”. The man did not merely imagine, because for nearly two thousand years, it attempts to breathe life into the robot through the robot. Continue reading

The future now: robotics to virtual worlds

robotTo mark the release of the new 3D film “AVATAR” December 16, 2009 Indoor Futura-Techno presents a special week: from robotics to virtual worlds!

The man-machine relationships change, some concepts are no longer science fiction but reality. We can see the amazing progress of robotics now available in any magazine. Similarly, virtual worlds are becoming ubiquitous (Second Life, WoW …) in our daily lives. Stroll in the parallel universe full of surprises!

A humanoid robot soon on the podium

robot_10cnrsThe creature of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology hosted by the Journalists’ Hello everyone, I am human cybernetic HRP-4C. With more than thirty engines, she is able to move and play top-apprentice model. It should make its debut at a fashion show in Tokyo March 23. Continue reading