HRP-2 humanoid robot Franco-Japanese

robot_10cnrsHRP-2 humanoid robot is in Toulouse from May 22 this year at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) of CNRS. Born in Japan in 2003, measuring 1.54 m and a weight of 58 kg, is one of fifteen such robots developed by AIST (National Institute of Science and Technology of Advanced Industrial) under of the Humanoid Robotics Project, Continue reading

The first female autonomous humanoid robot

avtoparkIt seems straight from the manga, measure 1m 58, weighs 43 pounds, walking wireless leg and can mimic a number of facial expressions. This humanoid robot made by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology hosted the journalists on 16 March by a “Hello everyone, I am human cybernetic HRP-4C. Continue reading

Robotwars Magazine

600x400-honda_ridgeline_rechvac-8aa2f89dfacbce335f273c86e39be724Robot Wars Magazine is a 68 page monthly publication available from W.H. Smith in the UK price £3.50. It is also available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The magazine features practical articles on robot building and a monthly column of speculations on the future of robotics. Copies of some of the articles from earlier issues are included here. Continue reading

Industrial Technology Research Institute

robotinteraction-mainIndustrial Technology Research Institute, an independent corporation on November 26, 1998 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was conducted in five-year plan are “co-coordinated research and development of human-robot system (HRP: Humanoid Robotics Project)” announced the final results and was released to the press. Continue reading

Embodiment of robots and computers

robotinteraction-mainEmbodiment of robots and computers are very similar to humans, and viewers in suspense. This is the “uncanny valley” effect. One hypothesis for this effect, the real composite is similar to human evoke the notion of a human, it is because the lack of healthy human image, in the evolution of human attempts to avoid such unhealthy developed to describe the resulting emotions. This time, in order to verify whether the emotions have evolutionary origins of this instability, Continue reading

Developed a humanoid robot

kloetzeJST (Okimura Noriki president), the child’s body size, flexible joints throughout the body (51 air actuators use of moving parts locations) and soft skin (the skin around the bottom of the 200 pieces of silicone provide tactile sensitivity tactile sensors throughout the body) of a humanoid robot with unprecedented features “Child-robot with Biomimetic Body (CB2)” was developed. Continue reading