New version of the robot BEAR

New version of the robot BEARRobot BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot) – from the company Vecna Robotics – can find victims in the mine, in case of accidents or earthquakes. He can lift them up, move them over long distances in a safe place. The main purpose of the robot – improving search and rescue operations, while reducing time and risk to rescue teams. Continue reading

Criminologists supplied nose. Electronic

criminologists supplied nose. ElectronicA list of robots able to distinguish between the tastes and smells is growing. Success developers in this area are very different applications. Perfumers, cooks, agronomists are already in service robotic analyzers of various substances. Now among these were added the American criminologists. Continue reading

RIBA – in the regiment of medical robots completion!

RIBA - in the regiment of medical robots completion!Japanese scientists have once again reaffirmed their commitment to the creation of robot helpers to man. Last novelty, a robot to assist in carrying patients. Resembles a good-natured bear nurse, or maybe a nurse, weighs 180 kg and can carry patients weighing up to 61 kilograms. Continue reading

Robot HRP-4C sang and danced

robot HRP-4C sang and dancedHumanoid robot HRP-4C this year participated in various activities and in various roles. Often, in the role of fashion models. This is understandable because the form of a robot, gait, gestures humanoid robot like a human. The robot, developed by the Japanese National Institute of Science and Technology, recognizes it, says a well-developed facial expressions. Continue reading

Began to develop robots

Running a humanoid robot ToyotaWe all know about ASIMO, humanoid robot company Honda, have seen and its amazing possibilities in walking and running. However, in other research laboratories undertaking similar work. For example, the company is Toyota, though, and began to develop robots later than the Honda, has created an excellent model of the robot. Continue reading