Robot Prototype Croww 540 ATV

Robot Prototype Croww 540 ATVToday, the implementation of the heavy and monotonous work without robots already seems impossible. However, the robots in everyday life a little used, they have not yet received access to our private lives. But, however, is likely to be held in the near future.

We have before us a robot – a prototype Croww 540 ATV. Croww 540 can move along the sand or ice, carry heavy loads, equipment and people, as well as provide shelter and protection.

The prototype has a basic platform, 6 feet, cameras, sensors and removable cylindrical batteries. You can inflate a protective tent-tent, by a pneumatic device located in his feet.

Interestingly, when the expected emergence of the idea of “the iron”? By 2057? And who will be the first to apply? Perhaps the military?

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