Honda introduced the robot ASIMO 2

Honda Motor introduced the new version of Asimo, the humanoid robot. It may take the role of receptionist, bartender or companion. A man … uh robot to do everything.ImageHonda Motor, the third Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, had submitted its humanoid robot Asimo, at the Universal Exposition Aichi in Japan, an exhibition which ended on September 25 last.

Its mascot, high of just 130 cm and weighing just 54 kilos, was object of curiosity to the public. The robot then took care of administrative tasks, welcoming visitors, but also serve cocktails. Continue reading

Robot hears on laser pointers

A team of scientists of the ‘Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and the Emory University’ has developed a robot, via point-and-click can be instructed, objects to collect. The selected objects are the robot simply by a green laser pointer. The researchers see this as a step towards robots assistance for patients with severe movement restrictions. “We consider the Fetching objects as a core capability for future robots in the medical care and at home,” said Charlie Kemp, head of research teams. On the one hand, it was important that robots such as cleaning work umlagern items, on the other hand, be it for more complex tasks such as cooking required that a robot which can fetch even utensils. Just this feature with the ‘El-E’ robot called now demonstrated. Continue reading

Robots show emotions

Der menschliche Roboter AsimoJapanese researchers are in the development of a copy of intelligent people have far. The market for service robots is growing schwungvoll. It is almost like right in the dentist’s office. If the drill on the nerve, the patient groans. Only this is not flesh and blood. However, the 1.60 meter tall robot the appearance of an average woman copied Japan, including a long, black hair. He can even to frown or roll their eyes when a schmerzempfindliche taken. “The facial expression is extremely realistic,” enthuses Tatsuo Matsuzaki Kokoro by the manufacturer. “Students can be the suffering of the patient comprehension.” Japan, this year the partner country at the Hanover Fair, is a trendsetter in the development of new generations of robots. With 370,000 copies, 40 percent of all the world used machines installed in Japanese factories. At 10,000 workers, 349 machines colleagues. And this is just the beginning. To the dwindling number of workers as a result of the rapid ageing of society to replace the planned Ministry of Trade and Industry (Meti) until 2025 the use of one million industrial robots. Continue reading

Robots and Robotic Arm Catoms

Intel Bras Robotique #1The IDF – Intel Developer Forum – allows the company Intel to discover its future processors, but is also a huge showcase to display its research projects the craziest.
Intel Bras Robotics # 1Cette years, among the research carried out in laboratories, there was a topic on robotics. Justin Rattner, CTO or current Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation, has introduced a robotic arm equipped with sensors and following the slightest movement of the hand through a new recognition technology based on electric fields. This new “sense” has been dubbed “Electric Field Pre-Touch.” It is present in some fish, and allows them to feel the contour of the surrounding objects through their effect on the electric field. This technique allowed the robot to track the movement of an object placed in front of him. Continue reading

The Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Human Voices

Le Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Les Voix HumainesThe latest robot Hitachi, EMIEW2 is intelligent enough to differentiate between three human voices simultaneously through 14 microphones embedded in his head that provide voice recognition capabilities. To this end, the voice recognition is a separate audio source and recognition profile noise. The first focuses on the direction of the person speaking, allowing the EMIEW2 to know who he speaks with a distance of 2 meters, ignoring all other noises. The EMIEW2 is 80cm high and it is suitable for the job of receptionist:). It moves through a wheel after each leg, and he can climb stairs.

Honda Asimo at the University of Bielefeld

Asimo von HondaWith the success at the University of Excellence initiative is the cluster “Cognitive Interaction Technology” with an annual 6.5 million euros. In addition, the company decided the Honda humanoid Asimo robot two University for research on disposal. And these are really impressive technological Eisenstein. Before some time had ever been with us the luck in the world of robots and virtual reality with us at the University of Bielefeld station: the robot dog Aibo from Sony and opened the door to the virtual world technologies are called the CAVE you do not expect at a university, the inside looks at the shabby Unihalle as the abgewetzten jackets sociology students. Honda builds the case for the digital brain which is virtually the robot in “Cognitive Interaction Technology” cluster gets missed. Continue reading

Robot learns like a baby

Aufmacher-BildTo people in the household really help, you must first learn robot better cope with unknown situations. The problem: While researchers are now increasingly intelligent machines before programmer to even the most complex tasks to solve, but in an unstructured environment is hardly helps. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst has now developed a robot that also can use items, which he never before encountered. The UMass Mobile manipulator “, shortly UMan, pushes new objects on a table around, to see how they move. Is it appropriate parts covered, he experimented with them – and then manipulate them according to new tasks. “It’s similar to when a baby imagine that a new toy discovered and all existing parts touch to find out how things move,” said Dov Katz, master’s student at the university and principal author of the study. He led the investigation along with his computer science Professor Oliver Brock. Continue reading

Robot assistants will be everyday


The Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics (CoR-Lab) at the University of Bielefeld opened. In addition, a research cooperation between the University of Bielefeld and the Honda Research Institute Europe Ltd. (HRI-EU). Both took place at a symposium and in the presence of Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Tomohiko Kawanabe, board member of Honda research and development. The Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics at the University of Bielefeld, university and basic industrial research. The aim of the interdisciplinary groups of researchers at the CoR-Lab is to make robots with cognitive and social skills and to enable them to everyday assistant for the people. The Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine-Westphalia has the structure of the institution with 1.1 million euros and it will continue to support. Continue reading

A Robot Baby talk

L'Université Apprend à Un Robot Bébé à Parler

It seems that a team of researchers at the University of Plymouth are currently working on a robot baby to look humanoid named iCub (it looks like the robots seen in the movie I, Robot). At a height of 1m, experts in robotics will work on the iCub for the next four years, with assistance from experts of language development in order to learn the robot to think and talk. Some research also include experiments on the iCub, including the insertion of objects of different shapes in the corresponding holes located on a box, as well as stacking blocks of wood. I wonder what will happen the day when a robot will be more intelligent than us …

A robot to replace your remote

ApriPoco is a robot developed by Toshiba. From white and a height of 21cm, this little robot to look very nice you will relay the cupboard all your infrared remote controls so far allowed interreges you with your electronic devices! With ApriPoco, suffice it to its owner to learn gradually actions to achieve. In its learning phase you learn a word or phrase associated with an action while conducting it so that the robot can memorize. For example, you would say it “increases the volume of music” and at the same time you do this with your remote usual. Once ApriPoco the record he will not remain more than you state your phrase or keyword so that it handles the rest by contacting your electronic equipment. Continue reading