In Italy, the first robot sweeper

The so-called DustCart is the first robot sweeper in Italy, measuring one meter and a half in height and 77 centimeters wide. It was directed by the ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International), Research Institute of Japan, and the Scuola Superiore of Pisa San’Anna. The robot is now a range of 24 km and a speed of 16km / h. It was designed to collect garbage door-to-door, especially in the small historical centers and shopping malls. Operation is simple: the user dials a number from his mobile phone shows the exact address, and the robot joins him. The bag which eventually garbage collected is now in the belly of the robot and can hold up to 30 kilos of rubbish. An interesting feature of the device is its ability to do the sorting. With a touch screen, you can select the types of waste: glass, plastic, paper or otherwise. After laboratory testing very positive, several tests were performed in situ, initially in Japan and Italy. Moving from experimental to operate in town seems to be problematic due to the requirements of handling and control.