Robot, robot, and why you have such big eyes?

Scientists of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology
(KIST) has long concerned with building a robot capable of copying human facial
expressions. One of the first developments in this direction was a robot Buddy
1.5. A robot moving eyes, eyebrows, lips – as well as the operator, sitting
opposite. The slightest change of expression of the human face fixed-sensitive
video camera, located in the "eyes" of the robot. Maybe that’s why they (the
eyes!) So much? In the video you can see how well the robot Buddy 1.5 «played

Recently, the Korean Institute of Science and Technology held its annual open
presentation of its latest developments. Among the interactive virtual gaming,
robots, "cockroaches" that can move in a confined space, not colliding with each
other, and other surprises projects was a new version of the robot and mime.

Compared with its predecessor robot FR-i apparently changed little. But the
ability to copy the muscles of the human face from the robot increased

Expression of the human face is made by many muscles, creating a personality
mimicry. Recognize, manage and play their movement must "learn" robots. The
institute is considered one of the most promising direction.

It is possible that in the near future in order to give the robot one or another
team, it is enough to simply "story eyebrow.

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