NANC -E , The robot nanny

the robot nannyAfter sleepless nights, days when all they do is change diapers and bottles to fill women tend to lose the trial. It was justifiable , I do not want to imagine the madness of a newborn little boy , with his Berreo , weeping, their dolorcillos in the belly that wreak havoc in the heart , soul and patience for the generous mothers.

For them , and before resorting to the help of British nannies group we see on TV , the robot NANC -E Nannybot of Buy n Large can be very helpful . Furthermore, I believe that agile android arms soon became best friends with these deranged mothers , housewives sudden and desperate as well … !

NANC -E has a lot of tentacles that encourage children or feed them when necessary. Almost as a nanny in the flesh , knowing this powerful android monitor the state of health and spirits of children. And for mothers to be quiet when delegating tasks , the robot responds only if the sentence is pronounced verbally indicated , almost a secret code between mother – robot.

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