A humanoid robot soon on the podium

robot_10cnrsThe creature of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology hosted by the Journalists’ Hello everyone, I am human cybernetic HRP-4C. With more than thirty engines, she is able to move and play top-apprentice model. It should make its debut at a fashion show in Tokyo March 23.

Near but not too human

Its creators designed the HPR-4C on the model of a Japanese average. 43 kg for 1m58, it is far from the measurements of Gisele Bundchen. If the eyes are slightly too large, it is voluntary. “We did not look like a woman completely to avoid” the notorious “uncanny valley,” said its creator Shuji Kajita.

It seems that the closer the appearance of a human, the more one moves away. Clearly, minute differences in facial expressions are quickly look like a humanoid zombie. In animation, you just see the difference between canned Wall-E, able to communicate emotions without difficulty, while the photorealism of “Final Fantasy Spirit Within” left with the unpleasant impression that something is wrong.

HRP-4C, whose face can take multiple expressions (anger, joy, etc.) on command, has apparently had some problems on Monday. She did so only his head, sometimes staying stuck on a look a little bewildered when asked to smile. It has everything a diva.