Clone the winner, or a robot as part of advertising

robot_10cnrsFrom 1 to January 3, that is, a week ago with a small, two department stores network Sogo-Seibu was conducted to demonstrate the robot humanoid robot Actroid, developed by Kokoro Company Ltd.

The robot is designed for receiving customers in major stores.

Earlier this robot, constantly being in the process of continuous improvements, was successfully demonstrated at EXPO 2005, where he worked at the reception.

The robot is very similar to human soft movements, the ability to give different expressions on his face.

As a warm-up visitors chain stores started a lottery, a prize which will be a humanoid robot, created in the image and likeness of the two winners, told Japanese media. Each buyer who managed to get the New Year at the store network of so-called “lucky bag”, which can be opened only after the purchase, it will become a prototype for the robot.

In two lucky bag was attached a ticket, notifying lucky that it was his face and figure will be the basis for a new robot.