Humanoid robot Hitachi support a conversation with any interlocutor

robotHitachi Ltd. presented the second humanoid robot, named EMIEW2. The robot weighs 13 kilograms, can move on wheels and walk on two legs, also on his head, there are 14 microphones that can recognize the voice, even if three people are talking simultaneously.

Mass of the robot’s noticeably smaller than its predecessor by name EMIEW weighing 70 kg, presented in 2005. Before the developers had a task to make the device easier to 15 kg to any office worker would be able to pick it up. The height of the robot is 800 mm. At EMIEW2 installed wheels, and balancing, the robot can move on flat surfaces. According to the developers, the movement on wheels better walk. However EMIEW2 can still walk on that was not capable of his predecessor, to overcome the more complex profiles.

Voice recognition includes two blocks – the separation of the alarm and recognition of sounds. When you split the signal recorded sound is coming from the object of study, and the audio data received from other parties, are ignored. As a result, the robot is able to recognize the voice at a distance of up to 2 hours for the recognition of the audio data transmitted through Wi-Fi to an external server, where the process itself. The results are transferred back. Robot is able to give instant response when required, but during a conversation with people is necessary reaction rate 100 ms or more, so use a special server, say in the company.

Hitachi has no plans at this stage to run the robot on sale. But they say that if this happens, it will cost less than a luxury car.