Artificial Intelligence which is seriously intended to match human intelligence in generality

artificial intelligence“What is General Intelligence?” is a short introductory article to the theory of “real AI”, Artificial Intelligence which is seriously intended to match human intelligence in generality. If you are reading an offline version, further material on general intelligence can be found at the Singularity Institute Continue reading

Robot spider with artificial intelligence

Robot spider with artificial intelligenceMatt Bounding, a student at the University of Arizona, developed and built a robotic spider that automatically learns to walk whenever it include. The robot is equipped with a webcam; it analyzes the image and comparing them with the movement of their own feet, learning to walk. Continue reading

The new Korean star robotics

robotRecently, Professor Jun-Ho Oh was crowned “Man of the Year 2004” from the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology of Korea (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, KAIST) for his work on robotic humanoid . It meets today in a lengthy interview published on OhmyNews, which explains the characteristics and challenges of humanoid robot Hubo. Continue reading

Attempts to breathe life into the robot through the robot

robotThe artificial creatures have always populated our imaginary robot, robots, avatars … These terms include what we call in this case “artificial creatures”. The man did not merely imagine, because for nearly two thousand years, it attempts to breathe life into the robot through the robot. Continue reading

Asimo, Honda’s robot humanoid Brain

robot-asimo-honda02-300x225There are different kinds of robots, including humanoids which are for instance those who left us watching the movie “Robocop” or to deliver a more everyday example, the robot Asimo from Honda. As can be seen in the first graph of this article, the Asimo was changing as the technology of artificial intelligence was giving way to the opportunity to improve the conditions under which these machines could perform both basic functions like walking, lifting hands, moving his head, etc., up to complete much more complex operations such as jumping, walking, and say a few words.

The robot Asimo from Honda, which stands for A dvanced S tep in I nnovate Mo bility, has among its main features being built entirely in a way that can bend and do all the typical movements of human beings, through their embedding within overall system of a computer-brain which is controlled by remote control. This device also controls the charging party robot, so you can have more time for action without a massive waste of energy used for mobilization of the humanoid, thereby allowing an action which is much more controlled.

Asimo from Honda can walk at a speed of 3 km / h run twice, almost imitating the movements of a child who is just starting to take its first steps. The integrated system coordination Asimo similarly lets do simple tasks with their mechanical arms such as carrying trays to use small items like keys and even bend some things to organize them. To make a little reference to mobility, Asimo is also able to rotate, completing laps around its axis which is located in the ring.

A battery pack is charged to provide fuel for this likeable character, he’s an increasing feeling that occurs in public. The advantages that can provide the robot Asimo in the future are quite striking, for example, widespread service customer service in all types of organizations as being observed, the possibility of being used in rescue maneuvers, no doubt a valuable toy teaching in many kindergartens, as “virtual teacher” for new models of education and why not, the study of motion in bodies.

The hand robot learns from humans

main-robotiseeA robotic hand could revolutionize manufacturing and medicine. It developed from software using artificial intelligence will be able to learn the movements of a human hand and then reproduce. And to perform actions requiring dexterity beyond the reach of current robots. To achieve this, scientists have developed a glove connected to sensors that record the movements of a human hand. Movements filmed by eight cameras, high-resolution CCD infra-red illumination and can measure the precision of a gesture to the millimeter. Continue reading

Asimo Robot: a new version that runs faster and is the coffee!

asimo-cafeThe Japanese carmaker Honda has unveiled the latest version of the biped robot, Asimo. This has improved its performance movement: it runs faster, and he knows now serving coffee to visitors! From spring 2006, Honda is using Asimo as assistant reception or transmission properties at the headquarters of Honda and CEO, Mr Takeo Fukui dream qu’Asimo enters the home by 10 years, with an artificial intelligence more developed. Continue reading