If robot soccer professionals fear Teaching

RoboCup 2006 Fußball Weltmeisterschaft der Roboter

The Robocop competition has long been mocked as mere gimmick. But researchers from other fields see the chickened machines now the high art of robotics. By the year 2050 will be acting autonomously humanoid robot can play better football than people. Specifically: A robot team, according to official FIFA rules against the then reigning world champion and when. That is the stated objective of the international Robocop initiative, the Chinese Suzhou near Shanghai just their twelfth annual World Cup tournament has finished. The project solves either spontaneous enthusiasm, surprise or anxiety. In particular, experts respond but is still happy with herablassendem Naserumpfen. Robot Soccer is not a serious science, it is about. Continue reading

Fujitsu Automation unveils robot HOAP-3

  robot HOAP-3

The Honda robot ASIMO has a new friend recently – the humanoid robot HOAP-3 Fujitsu Automation. Small in size with 60cm and weighing 8.8kg, it is equipped with image recognition and various sensors. With a Pentium M processor running at 1.1GHz under RT-Linux, HOAP-3 would be a target of choice for developers “home” of applications. Fujitsu Automation has announced that the interface internal information hardware / software for unity emerge soon. The simulation software pre-confirmation control programs is included for those who want to program it themselves. Continue reading