The first prototype of such a machine was a robot

Kojiro - musculoskeletal humanoid robotKojiro – musculoskeletal humanoid robot, created by engineers JSK Robotics Laboratory, University of Tokyo. Built by Kojiro designed his body in such a way as to create a highly accurate simulation of human bones, muscles and tendons. The main objective is to build a robot, whose movement is swift and light, and as close to the movements of man. Continue reading

Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in Robopocalypse

Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in RobopocalypseOne wonders if this guy has a life … Steven Spielberg, the famous American film producer and is currently filming with Peter Jackson, a film whose hero, our friend the Belgian Tintin first episode entitled “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, “Starring Jamie Bell and Gad Elmaleh, a release planned for the end of 2011. Continue reading