Army of humanoid robots takes Tokyo by storm

robotHonda’s Asimo robot conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Robots are increasingly becoming less whimsical and more practical. Photographer: Paul Sancya/AP.In an age when multi-skilling is at a premium, Motoman may prove to be the model employee. When he’s not spot-welding on a car production line, he’s flipping pancakes – with not a drop of spilled batter in sight – and can even be called on to perform routine blood tests.Motoman is one of hundreds of cutting-edge robots exhibited during the past week at the industry’s biennial showcase in Tokyo. Continue reading

Robots conducts Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Asimo Hondas Vorführ-Roboter For many would-Maestro has from time to suspect in the case of Honda’s Asimo robot Hitech certainty: This is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra conduct – without really knowing what he does. The appearance of the humanoid robot, whose acronym for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”, before the Detroit Symphony Orchestra will help, a program for young musicians of the orchestra better known. Continue reading

ASIMO the robot who leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

ASIMOASIMO, robot high of about 130 centimeters and developed by Honda Motor Co., has lead his first symphony orchestra in an interpretation of The Impossible Dream, from Man of La Mancha. From his voice child, the robot was sent to the public with a “Hello World”, before assuming his duties at the desk of the conductor. Continue reading