Space robots are baptism of fire in space

Space robotsThe two developed at the Technical University of Vienna Space Robot Roby Space Junior I and II have passed its first test in space. The Sunday started by the Japanese Uchinoura Space Center rocket placed the two robots as planned. Their task was to get around on a strained inter-satellite network. “After what we know so far, the robot worked as planned. For further details you can say only after evaluating the data,” said project manager Peter Kopacek of Institute for Intelligent Handling and Robotics in the press-text interview. Continue reading

Lynx 6 Robotic Arm Combo Kit for Basic Atom

Lynx 6 Robotic ArmAbout the Robot Arm

The Lynx 6 robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. The robot features; base rotation, shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, wrist rotate, and a functional gripper. The Lynx 6 robotic arm is an affordable system with a time tested rock solid design that will last and last. Everything needed to assemble the robot is included in the kit, however additional electronics are required to make the arm move. We have several solutions to choose from. Continue reading

Robix Rascal Construction Set

robix_armThe Rascal robot from Robix is a programmable, customizable, servo-driven, desktop robot. The package comes with all the parts needed to build robots with grippers, sensors, and up to six joints. It comes with its own carrying case and includes instructions for eight different robots and a sample program for each. Continue reading