Space robots are baptism of fire in space

Space robotsThe two developed at the Technical University of Vienna Space Robot Roby Space Junior I and II have passed its first test in space. The Sunday started by the Japanese Uchinoura Space Center rocket placed the two robots as planned. Their task was to get around on a strained inter-satellite network. “After what we know so far, the robot worked as planned. For further details you can say only after evaluating the data,” said project manager Peter Kopacek of Institute for Intelligent Handling and Robotics in the press-text interview. Continue reading

Robot touches the water

robot touches the waterOne of the main challenges for the robots, which are engaged in repairing a cable on the seabed – a precise definition of the injury. The muddy bottom at a depth of tens of meters of a lantern fixed on the robot does not always allow the operator on the computer screen to consider what is happening under the water is clear enough. Continue reading

Robot, robot, and why you have such big eyes?

Scientists of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology
(KIST) has long concerned with building a robot capable of copying human facial
expressions. One of the first developments in this direction was a robot Buddy
1.5. A robot moving eyes, eyebrows, lips – as well as the operator, sitting
opposite. Continue reading

There is a chance to buy a robot arm and put his house


Robots have long earned a living space to assembly-line world automotive
industry. In recent years car production significantly affected by the financial
crisis. As a result – the restructuring of enterprises. American concern
Chrysler sold his old plant Delavara University (USA). And in February 2010,
University sells at auction equipment shops "Chrysler. Among other things, – 200
robot manipulators.

Of these, 181 robot brands Nachis, a couple of robots and ABB robots Fanuc. It
may well be interested in the auction small industrial enterprises are ready to
automate manufacturing processes. But individuals can buy a pair of industrial
robots. Why? For example, to arrange a ride to surfing without leaving home.


robotAnimal-like robots are playing an increasingly important role as a link between the worlds of biology and engineering. The new, multidisciplinary field of biorobotics provides tools for biologists studying animal behavior and testbeds for the study and evaluation of biological algorithms for potential engineering applications. This book focuses on the role of robots as tools for biologists. Continue reading

Army of humanoid robots takes Tokyo by storm

robotHonda’s Asimo robot conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Robots are increasingly becoming less whimsical and more practical. Photographer: Paul Sancya/AP.In an age when multi-skilling is at a premium, Motoman may prove to be the model employee. When he’s not spot-welding on a car production line, he’s flipping pancakes – with not a drop of spilled batter in sight – and can even be called on to perform routine blood tests.Motoman is one of hundreds of cutting-edge robots exhibited during the past week at the industry’s biennial showcase in Tokyo. Continue reading